Photography Tips That You Can Use On A Heritage Walk – By Ketan Purohit And Ashutosh Kala

Photography Tips That You Can Use On A Heritage Walk - By Ketan Purohit And Ashutosh Kala

Photography Tips For A Heritage Walk: You are in the midst of a beautiful heritage site (and if you are in Jaipur, then you are in the UNESCO declared world heritage city itself). You then pick up your DSLR or a mobile camera to get some wonderful shots…but are you well prepared?

If you want to get the best shots from your camera and remember your heritage walk for a lifetime, then there are some photography tips you need to be well aware of. Who better to guide than the experts themselves?

Here are two photographers from Rajasthan, who have made a mark for themselves in photography. They have very graciously mentioned some photography tips for all the budding photographers out there.

Here are some photography tips for you and your heritage walk buddies:

Ketan Purohit

“A dropout electronic engineer who loves to play with lens and then diodes and transistors.”

Photography Tips That You Can Use On A Heritage Walk - By Ketan Purohit And Ashutosh Kala
Picture Credits : Ketan Purohit
  1. Camera essentials – First things first, always make sure that your camera is fully charged. Second, carry an empty memory card. This will keep your tensions about battery and storage away. Time is key in photography and being ready beforehand will keep you one step ahead.
  2. Proper attire – Make sure that you don’t wear casual clothing during a heritage walk. It may not be allowed in some places. Also, wear clothes that cover your shoulder. Similarly, shoes also play an important part. Always wear shoes that are easy to take on and off. There are several sites that can require you to remove your shoes.
  3. Hydrate always – Heritage walks can be tiring. Roaming around the site during the daytime can make one thirsty and distract from focusing on taking good shots. Thus, always carry a proper-sized and filled water bottle to keep yourself hydrated.
  4. A notebook can go a long way – How is something writing-related useful in photography? But our expert says that keeping a small notebook handy is useful to note down the history of the place. This in turn can give ideas on taking photos according to content.
  5. Corona precautions – In times like today, when we are living through a pandemic, it is absolutely essential that we don’t forget wearing a mask and carrying a hand sanitizer. Without these proper precautions, one can be denied entry into the walk.

We recommend:

Ashutosh Kalla

“I am a techie turned photographer with an eye for geometry and patterns. My interest is in capturing everyday life and I believe in storytelling through photography. I love to travel and capture scenes that generally overlooked. Coming from Jodhpur, I like to meet local people and capture their culture. I have been actively doing street and fashion photography and documentary visuals. With an inclination towards provoking art forms, I have also worked for short films, advertisements, and music videos.”

Photography Tips That You Can Use On A Heritage Walk - By Ketan Purohit And Ashutosh Kala
Picture Credits : Ashutosh Kalla
  1. Consistency is key – Whether it is about the theme you choose or whether it is about a particular way you want your photos to look – always aim for consistency in your photos. This gives a streamlined final look.
  2. Experiment with lights and shadows – A heritage walk gives ample opportunities to play around and hone your photography skills. Light and shadow are two fundamental pillars of photography. Creative ways to capture it are always welcome.
  3. Focus on lines and patterns – Symmetry is another key aspect of beautiful pictures. Perfect symmetry catches the attention of all. Capturing the perfect lines and patterns in your photo will automatically make your shot look professional.
  4. Observe and predict – During a walk, there might be times when you have just some seconds to take a shot before you have to move on. Therefore, keep a sharp eye and continuously observe your surroundings. You might have to predict beforehand also.
  5. Don’t crop images, keep some space in your frame – A great tip by our expert! Cropping in today’s age has become regular. It is no doubt very convenient. But it hampers the quality of the photo. For proper shots, avoid cropping. Also, keep some space around your frame.

A heritage walk is an immensely enriching experience. It is educative and a great way to practice photography. With these wonderful photography tips, you can now make your heritage walk exciting and cherishable.

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