My Treasurable Gemstone Carving Experience in Rajasthan


Who isn’t attracted by the glazing sparkle and the flamboyant colours of gemstones? Turbans, swords, jewelry, footwear and most expensive artefacts just turn precious because of the gemstones embedded into them. Of course! How can we forget about the royal robes or the palace walls or the bridal jewelry or just some antique or artifact adding more value to globally acclaimed museums? I am talking about these things because they remind me of gemstones. The intrinsic value of all the objects is due to precious gemstones. This kindled my interest into gemstone carving and polishing.

How could I not learn something related to royalty on my visit to Rajasthan. The name of the Indian state literally means- ‘The Land of Kings’. The art, culture and heritage of Rajasthan transported me into a different zone. Away from the worldly problems, there I was appreciating the beauty of creativity and skill. 

Why Did I Attend The Gemstone Carving Workshop?

Above all, my treasurable gemstone carving experience with Rajasthan Studio made it worthy ! As a traveler and learner for life I would never miss out on learning something new. I had a hands-on experience to learn this exquisite art from the master artist Prithvi Raj Kumawat Ji at his own studio.

Rajasthan Studio is a platform that provides an opportunity to the art lovers to directly learn traditional artforms from the legendary artists with experience of more than 20 years from their work studio itself in the form of the Masterclass Workshop.

Exploring Jaipur….

Jaipur or the Pink City is the capital of Rajasthan. The city has vibrant and colorful vibes. I was awestruck by the magnificent grandeur of the monuments there. I can’t even describe it in words. Hawa Mahal, Jantar Mantar, City Palace, Amber Fort, Albert Hall Museum, Nahargarh Fort or Amrapali Museum talk about the rich wealth and talent of previous times. 

My curiosity about things always makes me Google about them. Thanks to Google while reading about Jaipur, I came across Johari Bazaar or the Gemstone Market. It is a shopaholic ‘s paradise. I got mesmerized by the amazing jewelry and handicrafts. Now, I definitely understand why the Jaipur gemstone industry is so important in export revenue! Of course, I was keen to learn gemstone carving.

Gemstone Carving Workshop with Prithvi Raj Kumawat Ji:
Know more about Rajasthan Studio ‘s Gemstone Carving Experience

I came to know about the Masterclass Workshop curated by Rajasthan Studio for gemstone carving taught by Prithvi Raj Kumawat Ji. I decided to just go for it ! 

First, I got a little lost but Rajasthan Studio immediately guided me to the master artist’s house. I was greeted with a rose garland and snacks. Never ever has any teacher welcomed me like this. Significantly, such a famous artist welcomed me so beautifully. I will never forget this.

Prithvi Raj ji is a smiling personality with an amazing focus level towards his work. Surprisingly, he is a renowned artist yet believes in simple living. The living room of his house speaks in volumes of his recognition and rewards. On the walls of his living one will get lost in reading and counting his winning frames and certificates. 

I followed Prithvi Raj ji to the room where his studio was. There were so many tools that aroused my curiosity. He explained everything to me step by step in detail. I had no questions left. There were so many gemstones of different colours which I saw for the first time.

Gemstone Carving that you can learn at Prithvi Raj Ji s place

Things I Carried Back….

One thing I learnt from Prithvi Raj Ji is that in spite of being such a famous artist he is so simple yet precise in his work. His fine eye for details and patience is something I want too.

Never did I think of getting a one to one learning session from a master artist. The hospitality I received is something that India excels at.

Above all, the knowledge of a variety of gemstones and carving them with expert tips definitely made my trip worthwhile. Additionally, Rajasthan Studio gave me a blue Rajasthani turban and a gift hamper.

Gemstone Carving Masterclass Workshop with Rajasthan Studio
Master artist Prithvi Raj Ji teaching the art of Gemstone Carving

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