Minimalist Photography- A Rising Trend

What is Minimalist Photography?

Minimalist photography is a style of photography defined by its stark and austere minimalism. It focuses on the minimum number of objects in the composition process and stresses on simplicity. Rather than a profusion of colours, patterns and information, minimalist photographers frequently focus entirely on one topic.

Minimalist is a form of photography that is as subjective as any other style of art. What one person considers simple and relaxing may appear to another as deep and complex or meaningless .

The photographer may be hesitant to share her/his vision because of the openness to interpretation. Learning some characteristics of minimalism that help you capture the strength and soul of your subject. Additionally, it can transform your photographs from dull to exciting may increase your confidence. 

Minimalist Nature Photography Image Source Freepikcom

Technique of Minimalist Photography:

Keeping it simple doesn’t mean keeping it boring. In fact, a minimalist approach requires careful thought, observation and the creativity of working within certain boundaries. It requires critical thinking regarding the information to keep and amount of it to take away from the image before it loses impact. Negative space is the aspect that controls how freely the eye moves around in the image. It also guides it to a resting spot. Negative space can be smooth, textured, coloured and/or have some detail to it.

The frame will be so small so it’s critical to consider the nature of your topic. Accordingly, the placement in the frame will be effective. Whether it’s a lone tree in a field or a bird on a wire, how will you separate the subject? The audience may truly engage with the subject by removing all other distractions from the scene.

Bare Necessities – Minimalist Photography With Prakash Ghai

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What is a Masterclass Workshop?

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A glimpse of the Workshop

Top 5 places in Rajasthan for Minimalist Photography:

Jaipur is a city full of beautiful bold colours and architechtural marvels, there are  so many places to experiment with your minimalist photography skills!

  • City Palace: Firstly, If you want to put your photographic abilities to the test in a setting full of grandeur, elaborate doorways, immaculate gardens, and bursts of colour, the City Palace is the place to go! Secondly, Diwan-I-Khas, a crimson coloured structure surrounded with arches. It was utilised as a private audience hall for royal guests and Peacock Gate, favourite of many. This gate draped in peacocks represents autumn. These are two of the most attractive spots in the City Palace. We recommend visiting this location in the afternoon to get the most out of your visit.
  • Hawa Mahal: The beautiful main facade is also known as the Palace of the Winds. This is because it has 953 windows that allows fresh air to enter. When you look at the windows closely, you’ll notice that they’re quite little, with some being formed of tiny holes. 
  • Nahagarh Fort: The beautiful views from Nahargarh Fort is one of the main reasons to try out minimalist photography. The grand sky is a good for negative space in your image. We recommend visiting it during sunset to get the most out of the place.
Minimalist Photography of Hawa Mahal Image Source Unsplashcom

Additional places for Minimalist Photography:

  • Jawahar Circle: The captivating and recently erected Patrika Gate is one of Jaipur’s most magnificent sites and the major lure of Jawahar Circle. For everyone, especially photographers, as you can use minimalistic composition and shoot standing at one end of the Patrika Gate while gazing down the carefully built and stacked archways.
  • Gatore Ki Chattriyaan: This majestic cluster of royal graves and Jaipur’s royal cremation is hardly on the tourist map. Though, it has these little spots that are beautiful for photography! We recommend visiting this place during morning hours  to experience the place fully.
Jawahar Circle Garden Image Source Travel Rajoutana

In a Nutshell:

Overall, having minimalism in your bag of tricks might be beneficial, as long as you don’t overdo it. In other words, minimalist photography isn’t for you, but it’s perfect for expressing a single idea as plainly as possible. Hopefully, the advice in this blog helped you understand when minimalism is appropriate and when it isn’t.

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