Jodhpuri Juttis Redefine Fashion at Miss World 2024’s Welcome Soiree

In a spectacular event that marked the return of the Miss World competition to India after 28 years, Rajasthan Studio took center stage at the opening dinner held on February 21st 2024 at The Ashok Hotel in Delhi. Hosted by the India Tourism Development Corporation, this grand affair became the canvas for a unique collaboration between tradition and glamour, as Rajasthan Studio showcased its exclusive Jutti experience, adding a touch of timeless elegance to the evening.

A Traditional Welcome with a Modern Twist

As the Miss World 2024 participants were welcomed to the vibrant event, Rajasthan Studio unfolded a showcase of masterful craftsmanship by award-winning artisans Mohan Lal Gujar, Chanda Lal Gurjar, and their son from Jodhpur. The Jutti experience provided an exclusive opportunity for each contestant to handpick their choice of Jutti, blending traditional charm with contemporary style.

The enchanting evening of the Miss World 2024 opening dinner commenced with a moment of grace as Miss World 2018, Vanessa Ponce of Mexico, graced Rajasthan Studio’s stall. As she stepped into the realm of masterful craftsmanship, Vanessa Ponce set the tone for the fusion of tradition and glamour that unfolded throughout the event. Her presence at our stall not only added a touch of regal elegance but also symbolized the seamless transition of Miss World’s legacy, where beauty converges with timeless traditions.

Exceptional Craftsmanship Takes Center Stage

Among the featured artists, Mohan Lal Gujar emerged as a standout figure, recognized for his extraordinary mastery in Leather Jutti (Mojari) craft. The recipient of the Rajasthan State Award in 2008 and a National Merit Certificate in 2011, Mohan Lal Gujar carries forward a family tradition that spans over 300 years. He learned the art from his mother, Chanda Gujar, a two-time National award-winner and a symbol of women empowerment through traditional craftsmanship.

The participants of the Miss World 2024 competition were enamored by the exquisite Jodhpuri Juttis showcased at the opening dinner in Delhi. Their delight and appreciation were palpable as they explored the masterful craftsmanship on display. Miss World participants like Ada Eme of Nigeria, Leticia Frota of Brazil, Krystyna Pyszková of Czech Republic (now the winner of 71st Miss World), Imen Mehrzi of Tunisia, Nokutenda Marumbwa of Zimbabwe, Diana Spotarenko of Moldova, Tatiana Luna of Uruguay, Marie Hatchi of Guadelopue, Yoon Theint Theint Nway of Myanmar, Darcey Corria of Wales, Lucia Begic of Crotia, Elise-Gayonne Vernon of Belize, Priyanka Joshi of Nepal and many more visited the stall to handpick their favourite pair of juttis.

10 contestants chose to trade their high heels for the exquisite handcrafted Juttis right then and there. This impromptu switch not only spoke volumes about the exceptional comfort offered by the traditional footwear but also underscored its undeniable appeal in enhancing the contestants’ overall style. The unique choice made by these contestants served as a testament to the Juttis’ immediate impact, seamlessly blending the essence of tradition with contemporary elegance.

A Global Showcase through Social Media

Some Miss World Participants even took it to social media, expressing their love and appreciation for our culture and handicrafts. Catarina Ferreira from Portugal expressed her joy, stating, “We even have the opportunity to take with us a pair of traditional jutti. I’m so happy to bring those back with me to Portugal.” Gwendolyne Fouriol from Philippines, another contestant, echoed the sentiment, exclaiming, “Absolutely fell in love with these juttis! I was so determined to find my size.” The participants’ enthusiasm and positive reception added an extra layer of charm to the event, making the Jodhpuri Juttis an integral and cherished part of the Miss World 2024 experience.

Kartik Gaggar, Founder and CEO of Rajasthan Studio, expressed his delight at the overwhelming response, emphasizing the power of social media in showcasing this unique collaboration. With the Miss World competition broadcasted across 120 nations, the art form of Jodhpur Juttis now enjoys a global stage, captivating audiences worldwide.

The Fusion of Tradition and Glamour

The Miss World 2024 opening dinner set the stage for a fusion of tradition and glamour, with Rajasthan Studio’s Jutti stall adding a distinctive touch to the event. As contestants confidently adorned their handpicked Juttis, the blend of intricate artistry from Rajasthan Studio and the skilled artisans from Jodhpur created an unforgettable experience.

This collaboration not only celebrates the rich heritage of Rajasthani artistry but also marks a significant moment in the global spotlight, where traditional craftsmanship meets international beauty and fashion. Rajasthan Studio’s presence at the Miss World 2024 opening dinner stands as a testament to the enduring allure of timeless traditions in the heart of contemporary events.

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