Celebrating Rajasthan’s Artistic Tapestry: A Meeting with Deputy CM Diya Kumari at OTM 2024

In a remarkable encounter during the OTM 2024 event, Kartik Gaggar, the Founder and CEO of Rajasthan Studio, had the opportunity to meet Deputy Chief Minister Diya Kumari of Rajasthan. This led to the discussion on the crucial role Rajasthan Studio plays in promoting the state’s rich art and culture.

Discussing Travel Art Experiences with Deputy CM Diya Kumari

A notable highlight of the event was the presence of Deputy CM Diya Kumari as the chief guest. Her recognition of Rajasthan Studio’s efforts underscored the team’s commitment to showcasing the vibrant tapestry of Rajasthan’s artistic heritage. Diya Kumari commended Rajasthan Studio for its initiatives and suggested bringing the talents of Rajasthan’s artists to events like OTM, providing a platform for their unique experiences. She extended her appreciation for Rajasthan Studio’s significant contributions to the cultural events at City Palace, a testament to the Rajasthan Studio’s dedication to preserving and promoting Rajasthan’s cultural treasures. 

Meeting Diya Kumai ji at OTM 2024
Kartik Gaggar, CEO and Founder, Rajasthan Studio meeting Diya Kumari, Deputy CM and Tourism Minister of Rajasthan at OTM 2024

A Multifaceted Rajasthan: Beyond Monuments and Heritage

In her speech at OTM, Deputy CM Diya Kumari eloquently highlighted the diverse offerings of Rajasthan, encompassing art, culture, heritage, monuments, infrastructure and everything that tourists look for when exploring a new place. She passionately emphasized that Rajasthan is not just a destination but an immersive experience waiting to unfold for tourists. 

Diya Kumari, Deputy CM and Tourism Minister, Rajasthan at OTM 2024

Rajasthan Studio’s Vision: Bridging Artistic Worlds

Kartik Gaggar, the visionary behind Rajasthan Studio, expressed gratitude for the acknowledgement from Deputy CM Diya Kumari. Rajasthan Studio’s mission goes beyond conventional art promotion; it is about bridging the artistic world of Rajasthan with travellers seeking new experiences. Kartik envisions a platform where the stories of Rajasthan’s artists resonate with a global audience.

The Road Ahead: Rajasthan as a Must-Visit Destination

Deputy CM Diya Kumari’s words echoed the sentiment that Rajasthan is a must-visit destination. Her emphasis on the state’s all-encompassing offerings, from its captivating art forms to its awe-inspiring monuments, painted a picture of a land waiting to be explored. With Rajasthan Studio at the forefront of this cultural journey, the road ahead promises a seamless blend of tradition and modernity.

In conclusion, the meeting between Kartik Gaggar of Rajasthan Studio and Deputy CM Diya Kumari at OTM 2024 marked a significant chapter in the celebration of Rajasthan’s artistic tapestry. As the state continues to unfold its cultural riches to the world, Rajasthan Studio stands as a beacon, illuminating the path for artistic expression and cultural exchange.

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