Is India accepting the emerging era of the art and the creative spread ? 

Indian Art and Social Media

We’re striving in an era of utmost advancement where ideation acts as the major driving source towards betterment. The kind of celebration and acceptance that the creative industry is witnessing right now is simply overwhelming. India has always been a major spot for art, music, entertainment and more. All it lacked down the years was a platform that spaced up some presence for budding artists. But we’re evolving now and evolving for the better. We’ve never been in such a celebrative spot before and we truly need to acknowledge that. Art and India are inseparable.

Accepting Creativity:

When so much is going around it also makes creative minds wander! How and why has this shift of attention and investment in the creative field roared to such enormous heights? Are we as artists really being acknowledged and celebrated ? Or is it the easy global access that has made conversations change their roots? 

There’s a lot that yet remains unsaid and unattended. And that is what we aim to find out, today. Are we as a nation really expanding and accepting the creative spread of the era or are we still struggling to build a platform where creative individuals and their creativity gets celebrated? 

Technically Creative , Image Source : Marbella International University Center

Art & India – The magical blend we all admire:

India is one of the few nations that has influenced and impacted the global audience with its share of rich culture and vivid art forms. From painting to literature and uncountable elements in between, the country has marked its strong presence globally. 

It is a home to some of the most acclaimed art forms in the world. Additionally, it has successfully managed to remain of the same importance even during the arrival and ongoing era of modernization. It truly survived or let’s say evolved for even better with the blend of modernization. Just to give you an idea, check below the list of art forms that in true sense won the battle of time. They also remained the same in terms of importance and vibrancy. 

  • Madhubani (Mithila) 
  • Pichwai 
  • Mandala
  • Warli 
  • Gond 
  • Kalamkari
  • Cheriyal 
  • Tanjore 
  • Phad 
  • Bhil 

There are many more art forms in various art fields that transformed the way art was perceived back then. But we wonder if such is the importance of art and so huge is the impact that it creates then why did these crucial forms not receive recognition or let’s say why didn’t the past era appreciate an individual wanting to indulge himself into the strokes of art? 

Traditional Indian Gond Art , Image Source : LBB

An Artistic Tomorrow Globally:

The generation that passed by had set notions associated with having a career and being successful. Indulging into the creative field back then had very fewer opportunities to explore and an almost negligible presence monetarily. Thus, the majority of individuals who opted for the creative fields were always seen struggling due to a lack of platforms and acceptance from society. 

And therefore, other professions were pursued to fit in the so-called norms of society in order to be called an individual with a successful career. But with time we saw those notions being shattered and more and more people coming up to voice their best thoughts through various mediums of art. All we needed was an idea that allowed us to connect globally and multiply its practice. Which with time happened and allowed us to open conversations on multiple untalked aspects. 

The world went through an enormous change and the advancements it curated has today allowed individuals to choose and create their own platform in order to connect to the audience they desire. The global merge has made space for almost any and every kind of activity that fosters growth & advancement with great care and responsibility. 

Art & India:

We as a nation have seen the emergence of it and thus, now feel confident in making an investment in the same. Earlier making a living through art seemed impossible but today that thought seems to have no practical grounds. And that is all due to platforms like us that invest time and effort to celebrate individuals who’re making an impact through art and telling their story of presence. 

Talking in terms of career, pursuing an art form can allow you to monetize more than any well-suited job if pursued religiously. That’s the kind of world we’ve together built and need to continue to build. There is an introduction of various artforms to school and college curriculums in order to ignite the hidden creative giant within every individual. It’s not wrong to say that we’ve arrived in an era where ideas are the sole currency of development. The creative spread just doesn’t end here.

Indian Artisan , Image Source: Manipal The Talk Network

The New Opportunities:

Governmental bodies are showing keen interest in promoting the art and artists by introducing various plans and skims. On the other hand, social media expansion and exposure have allowed creative minds to achieve unmatchable feats. 

If you tend to be an artist who holds a stronger grip on various art forms then you can easily voice your presence using social media platforms and can find an audience who are looking for amazing stuff you create. 

In a Nutshell:

So yes, looking at the statistics of opportunities created, we can definitely conclude that the nation is surely expanding and accepting the spread of the creative era. From making space into curriculums to opening global conversations, the country is just setting the right and concrete steps. We’re marching towards a better tomorrow. We truly are! 

So, welcome to the era we artists always desired. Let’s voice and space even more opportunities for the future generation to win every aspect associated with the creative field and create wonders they’ve always wanted to. 

Thank you. 

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