Here Are 5 Reasons Why You Should Choose To Gift An Art Experience This Festive Season

Gifting an art experience is the new norm that people are adapting slowly and steadily. As we are fighting against a global pandemic, it is our utmost responsibility to maintain social distance during festive shopping. Festivals are joyful, colorful, and celebratory days that deserve to be celebrated together with friends and with family.

And the best way of celebrating it during a pandemic is to gift intangibly. An Art Experience is the gift that you didn’t know you needed! After having stayed away from each other for all these months, let’s do a Festive P’art’y virtually!

Firstly, let us answer what art experience is. An art experience is an art workshop or session that lets you dive into it completely. It lets you find your moment of zen and comfort away from your monotonous life. It is festive, celebratory, and mystical. You can either enjoy it from the interface of your screen or in an artist’s hub in the respective state. Rajasthan Studio curates an art experience for all your occasions, needs, and moods.

So, here we enumerate 5 reasons why you should choose to gift an art experience this festive season:

To gift a moment of Memento

To gift an art experience is to gift a moment of Memento

A gift that is not perishable, but the one that lasts long in someone’s memory is truly a gift. An art experience is learning but it is also an enjoyable exchange of conversations and witty banter. It is a memory as well as a memento that you can cherish forever.

To appreciate the hard work and endeavor of hosts

Medicine, law, business, engineering: these are the noble pursuits and necessary to sustain life. But poetry, beauty, romance, love.. these are what we are alive for.

Dead Poets Society, 1989
To gift an art experience is to appreciate the hard work and endeavor of hosts

These lines from the 1989 American film Dead Poets Society very beautifully highlight the reason why art is important besides the regular 9-5 job and Saturday parties. It is also a way of giving back to every artistic thing we consume. Diwali and every other festive celebration calls to enjoy an artistic soiree with friends and family. The subsequent appreciation for the artist is also their gift. Buying or gifting an experience is also a present for the hosts.

To stay in touch

To gift an art experience is to stay in touch

The mere thought of gifting an art experience is a gesture of love and kindness. It is easy and convenient to transfer a packet of soan papdi from distant friends and relatives. But the happiness lies in the act of thinking about someone and for someone. The gifting of an art experience will allow you to come on good terms with your long lost friends. It will also refine your old relationships and give a headstart to newer ones.

To cherish the after art experience relationship

To cherish the after art experience relationship

Congratulations! You have lit a ray of hope in the lives of the artists by consuming an art experience. The after art experience joy is inexplicable and incomparable. It is your share of good deeds as you learned something meanwhile contributing to an artist’s livelihood. It is a way of gratification and satisfaction that you can derive after having enjoyed your art party experience.

For that ‘Someone Special’

For that 'Someone Special'

Have you ever hosted a magic show for a birthday party or hired dance performers for a sangeet? This is exactly what an art experience feels like. But here, the only difference being, along with enjoying it, you are obliged to try your hands at it. So, next birthday or next anniversary, why not show that unexplored artistic side of yours to your significant other? The best way to do this surprising them with an art experience from Rajasthan Studio.

We hope we could help you look at newer ways of gifting. Rajasthan Studio and their art experiences are now your go-to-gifting options that don’t require you to pre-plan anything. This festive season, gift an art experience, gift a memory!

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