Bollywood Diwali Dhamaka – Team Activity Hosted By Juzelle, Ritika, And Rupika

Bollywood Diwali Dhamaka as the name suggests was literally a Bollywood Dhamaka. Juzelle, Ritika and Rupika were the hosts of this team activity. The most important aspect for this experience was teamwork, planning, and execution.

Firstly, the team activity started with three games namely Diwali ki Mehfil, Tasveer ki Kahani, and Angrezi Mein Kehte Hai. Also, all the team members played along. It was so much fun as Bollywood excited everyone.

On the auspicious day of Dhanteras (i.e., 13th November 2020), we hosted this team activity named Bollywood Diwali Dhamaka. Around 20 people joined and an introduction round took place. Each game had 12 rounds. Over time, it became competitive. People had to type the answer on the chat with the right spellings and punctuations.

The teams coordinated on voice calls to discuss the answers. Rimjhim’s team was victorious and everyone enjoyed thoroughly.

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