Have you noticed the Temple Structures in Rajasthan?

Temple Structure Of Rajasthan

Rajasthan is a desert state. It is popular for culture, ethnicity and distinctive architecture. Rajasthan is more than the much-talked-about forts and palaces. It also has temples that are divine places of worship and are architectural marvels. The sculptors carved out the temple structures, adhering to traditional architectural styles. Markedly, the traditional architectures is a legacy. You do not have to be a believer to visit these temples. If you are a lover of beautiful buildings and love architectural structure, these temples are sure to interest. The writer has enlisted popular temple structures in Rajasthan.

1.Dilwara temples

Rajasthan’s architecture comes from the perfect blend of Rajput and Mughal structural patterns. A common design in structural and non-structural temples (Phad) are Chhatris. The skilled artists who created chhatris (like an umbrella) are elevated, dome-shaped pavilions and are visible elements of Rajasthani architecture. Emphatically, they symbolize pride and honor.

Dilwara Temple.

This is a cluster of five temples. The temple structure speaks about magnificence and splendor. The temples belong to the 13th century. White marble form most part of the construction of the temple under the patronage of the Solanki rulers. Hence, the beauty of pillars lie in their intricacy. Also, the pillars support their mandap. It is a popular Jain temple.

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2.Eklingiji Temple

Other than Chhatri and marbles, pyramidal structure form part of temple structures in Rajasthan. Situated in Udaipur, this is one of the most attractive temples in Rajasthan. It has gone through several modifications through the years, but always retained its grandeur and charm. It is two-storied and consists of a pyramidal shaped roof. The temple also amazes visitors with its magnificent architecture. The temple is notable for 4-faced idol of Shiva. Also, the idol is entirely carved from black marble. Markedly, the northern face depicts Lord Vishnu, southern part depicts Rudra(Lord Shiva), western part depicts Lord Brahma and eastern part faces Sun god.

Eklingiji Temple.

3.Galtaji Temples

Also a cluster of temples, the patrons have built it in a hilly town close to Jaipur. The town is just 10 Kms away from Jaipur. The Pink sandstone majorly forms part of temple construction. The temple is special as it is distinguishable by other features like rounded roofs, painted walls and carved pillars. In addition to being a place of worship, these temples also have natural springs. Devotees to the temple often take a dip in its water as it is believed to cure several medicinal properties. Above all, the premises is a major attraction because of its fresh water springs and 7 holy kunds. Most prominent one is ‘Galta Kund’ that is perennially having water.

Galtaji Temple.

4. Karni Mata Temple

The temple is situated in Deshnoke. Bikaner is the closest town to Deshnoke at a distance of 30 Kms away. People worship 20,000 rats present in the temple. The temple is dedicated to Goddess Karni Mata. Goddess Karni Mata is another form of Lord Durga.The origin of the temple was in 1400.People worhsip Kabbas or the rats. The devotees offer food to these Kabbas which is prasadam.

The interesting legend behind the temple says that the rats are male members of Charan caste. Goddess ordered Yama (god of death) to return life into son of the devotee. Lord Yama didn’t follow the order. As a result, Goddess Karni promised that all male devotees of Charni caste who narrated the story will turn into rats in their next birth.

Karni Mata Temple

5. Mehendipur Temple

The temple of Lord Hanumanji is situated in Karauli district of Rajasthan. It is scary place for many as it is famous for healing possessed bodies. The temple is famous across India for exorcism of evil spirits. One must be highly alert while visiting this place. Also, if you are planning for ritualistic idols be careful and precautionary beforehand.

The temple significantly celebrates Chaitra Purnima and Hanuman Jayanti on broader scale. Due to the celebrations the footfalls on these days increase largely.

Mehendipur Balaji Temple

What is So Special About Rajasthan’s Temple Structures? 

There is something about Rajasthan, one of the most visited tourist destinations in India, that keeps pulling tourists back to it. The entire state appears like one magical vessel, which throws surprises at you from every corner. The tourist most of the times desires to visit these marvelous temple structures of Rajasthan! In the same fashion, forts, palaces and havelis, there are several temples which dot the state. Honorable kings always pioneered the great temples. Additionally, this added more highlights about them in the history. There is profound correlation between history and the temple. Not only performance of a certain rituals amazes tourists and locals, but also the architecture of others tends to have a lasting impact on their minds.

Not only this, but drenched in tradition and history, Rajasthan’s varied folk art forms have narrated stories for centuries through vibrant visual representation. And while each one is culturally significant, Phad paintings particularly stands out for its unique history, origin, and the efforts put into its revival.

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