Fiesta Online’s Workout Masterclass with Celebrity Trainer Ajay Singh Gave the Gen Z a peek into Post COVID Fitness Mantras

On 13th June, 2020, we hosted our Fiesta Online with Ajay Singh. He is a renowed fitness trainer who has trained many A-list Bollywood celebrities, Olympics players, and polo players in the recent past.

Ajay discussed the secrets to a simple yet effective fitness routine that includes a secret mantra too. He shared,

“A commitment to fitness doesn’t just mean exercise. It includes a healthy diet and healthy living too, along with 8 hours of good night’s sleep, as one of the main components,”

Ajay Singh talked about the importance of activating and preparing the body before any workout routine and began the session by demonstrating a quick warm-up routine. During the session, Ajay divulged details about his journey and how he has been a fitness coach for many sports teams in various genres.

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