Etch a Sketch: Contest For All The Sketchers

On July 8, 2020, we opened a contest on Instagram called Etch A Sketch. We called out all the artists and art lovers to come and participate in huge numbers (prerequisite was only free flow of talent).

Did you know that sketching helps you in developing a number of different areas of your brain? You develop your ability to focus and pay attention, a skill that can be very useful throughout your life and career. It also develops hand-eye coordination so that everyday tasks can become easier for you

For participation, one had to:

  • Make a Sketch
  • Click a nice picture
  • Post it on your Instagram account
  • Follow us on Instagram
  • Tag Rajasthan Studio and use the hashtag #sketchwithRS

The contest closed on 10 July 2020 at 11.59 PM IST.

We also asked the participants to make sure that they kept their accounts public so that we could see their sketch.

Etch a Sketch: Contest For All The Sketchers

With enthusiastic support from over 100 artists, Krishnan Kundara emerged as the winner with his spectacular sketch detailing the essence of being an Indian woman.

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