5 reasons why clay sculpting is your next activity in Rajasthan

The state of Rajasthan is famous for its castles and crafts. You can find many handicrafts, Clay sculpting and art from local artists with tremendous aesthetic appeal.

Art and experiential tourism is gaining popularity. Tourists travel nowadays to learn and understand art and culture. Among the many things to do in Rajasthan, clay modelling, and sculpting are one of the top activities for tourists and they should be on your bucket list if you are visiting Rajasthan.

Clay is an organic substance and serves many purposes. Clay modelling and sculpting have been a part of handicrafts in Rajasthan and are popularly being used to make pottery, paintings, sculptures, jewellery, art pieces and many more.

Clay modelling
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Why are Clay modelling and sculpting gaining popularity?

Clay sculpting is not only therapeutic but also easy to work. Rajasthan has been a centre for clay art and is famous for the blue pottery of Jaipur, the clay sculptures of Molela, the Kagzi pottery of Alwar, etc. Clay modelling is gaining popularity because of these reasons:

  1. It’s a great form of expression, and artists from around the world visit Rajasthan to learn the art of Clay modelling and sculpting. Techniques like the Moela art of sculptures is a centuries-old technique internationally famous from Rajasthan.
  2. It’s relaxing and therapeutic and helps reduce anxiety and stress. Art therapy is gaining popularity, and activities like sculpting are perfect if you want to take a break and destress.
  3. The art form has captured the interest of many art lovers and artists from around the world who want to learn clay modelling and sculpting from the experts. It brings people closer to the traditional roots of Rajasthan through a centuries-old art form.
  4. Clay is easy to work with, so anyone can try making something with it. It also enhances creative skills, and there are endless options for what can be made out of clay modelling, such as 3d art, wall decorations, vase, idols, etc.
  5. One can learn and make a unique piece of souvenir to keep forever through art workshops and masterclasses for clay modelling. Clay modelling is easy, and one can learn to make sculptures quickly. Since clay is organic and contains no harsh chemicals, it’s also harmless for children.
Sculpting clay for beginners
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Clay sculpting for beginners

It’s one of the most magnificent forms of fine art and a great way of expression. Since clay is a versatile product, one can sculpt it into 3-D visual art, sculptures, idols, pottery, utensils, etc. Different kinds of clay are available for many purposes. 

You can understand more about the type of clay from our blog ‘Shaping The Clay- Art Of Clay Sculpting’. 

A soft water-based clay is a perfect beginner’s option since its easy to mould and can easily be shaped. In order to start clay sculpting, you must first visualize your art form and learn how to use tools. 

Clay art
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Rajasthan’s Sculpture Clay Art

Sculpture clay is 3D art made by the use of clay. The technique of making 3D art from terracotta is centuries old, dating back to Harappan civilisation. Molela, a small village near the bank of river Banas, practised terracotta art with the clay found in the river bed of Banas river. It is internationally famous for its plaques and figurines of local deities. 

Clay sculpting
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Clay Sculpting Masterclass by Hansraj Kumawat

Based in Jaipur city, Hansraj Kumawat is an accomplished craftsman, sculpting clay to make art forms for many years. You can be a part of his amazing journey and learn the fine art of clay modelling with this award-winning artist. Take the Sculpting Masterclass with Rajasthan Studio, enjoy 2-3 hours co-creating a small piece of sculpture with him, and take it home as a souvenir.



As organic clay became obsolete, artificial polymer clays, epoxy raisins, etc., gained popularity. A must-do activity in Rajasthan is clay modelling and sculpting, since clay modelling is an integral part of Rajasthani culture.

When you visit Jaipur, you should have a Clay modelling and sculpting experience on your itinerary if you are interested in understanding the value and process of clay sculpture and want to invest your time and money in experiences rather than products.

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