Books Ki Bahaar: 8 Extraordinary Bookstores Of Rajasthan

A town isn’t a town without a bookstore – Neil Gaiman

It is often said that books are the best mate of humans. Books connect you with your soul and take you on the journey of self-development that cannot be taken by just simply living. 

There was a time when book stores were only considered as an ultimate paradise for the bibliophile. But today, this system of reading has seen some interesting changes like Kindle e-books, podcasts which are challenging the boundaries of bookstores. However, the love for bookshops is irreplaceable. From discovering the stories to falling in love with bookshelves while grab grabbing coffee is a dream of  every by bibliophile. 

Such ecstasy can be enjoyed in the magnificent world of Rajasthan. This state has a legacy of the oldest book stores in a country that must not be missed by the voracious readers. 

Hence, This article brings you the listicles of 8 Extraordinary bookstores of Rajasthan which are setting the example for the new stores by their modern approach of promoting the enthusiasm of books and connecting people with the universe through entertainment and knowledge. Let’s begin.

Bookstores in Jaipur 

Rajat Book Corner


Setup in 1992, Rajat Book Corner is one the largest bookstores in Jaipur, which is competing with trending brands like Crossword robustly. It has bagged a first position in the 8 Extraordinary bookstores of Rajasthan.

For 3 generations, they are sharing the passion and enthusiasm among readers through its infinite collection of literature and novels. Certainly for the curious minds, the doors of this store are always open as it believes that every book has sets of its own prodigious audience. Moreover, the ambiance of the bookstores empowers you to create a beautiful bond with the books. Besides offering the latest books to the people, Rajat Book Corner also organizes weekly book reviews in the house as well as on their blogs which assist the readers in making better choices. Moreover, they conduct book sessions with well-acclaimed writers of the country. Apart from this, through its website, you can order books online and read some really great book reviews.

Address: 8, Narain Singh Road, Near Trimurti Circle, Jaipur.

Universal book store 

If books are your soul and pages are your life, then this store is going to a destination for you. Here bookworms can satisfy their hunger for books as hundreds and hundreds of bookshelves can be observed at each corner, and books are seemed to be spilling out of shelves. This oldest book store offers old classics and newly most awaited books this era which can make you crazily happy.

Address: Shop No, 47, M.I.Road, Jaipur – 302001


Just like Amazon, Crossword is the king of all bookstores with more than 80 stores across India. Established on 15 October 1992, this extraordinary bookstore of Rajasthan has an objective is to connect with the diverse culture on a single platform so that authors and audience can interact, people from across the world come, seek information, and entertain through excellent stories. Therefore, Crossword is called as epitome of vision where bibliophile can cherish books, magazines and buy gifts and toys. Additionally, it offers facilities like Crossword Gift Vouchers, the friendly ‘Return, Exchange & Refunds’ policy. With more than 4.5 lacs valuable clients, Crosswords Book rewards pretty discounts points to them.

Address : KK Square, 1, C 11, Prithviraj Rd, Jaipur, Rajasthan 302001

Bookstores in Jaisalmer

Dharan Book Store

Recommended by Lonely Planet 2015 as the best e-café inside the fort, Jaisalmer, Dharan book store is an exclusive place where you can find the latest books and relish good times with friends. According to one of the visitors, it is a hidden gem, which is better than book shops in Paris. Here you can find books at reasonable rates with delicious coffee and real Chi.In addition, it is one of its kind which mainly offers English and French books covering mostly Indian life and culture.
Address: Hanuman Chowk, Jaisalmer – 345001, Opposite Sun Temple Vyasa Para Inside Fort 

Bhadariya Underground Library 

Do you know any library deeper than books? So here you go. Bhadariya underground library is one such name. Almost 128 km before Jaisalmer in the village of Bhadariya, it is one of Asia’s greatest library with 16 feet below the ground level. It has more than 900000 blocks with a seating capacity of 4000 people. One of the amazing facts about this giant library is that it remains cool even during hot and humid summers. It was built by Bhadariya Maharaj (saint), Harbansh Singh Nirmal. He was from Punjab and was an enthusiastic reader. By the era of 1998, he had started collecting books. Moreover, his studies are preserved in 562 glass shelves, which is now made available to academics, pupils, and learners from different parts of the world.

Address : Bhadriya Mandir Rd, Bhadriya, Rajasthan 345031


Jaya Book world: 

Dhirendra Shrivastava, a Chemistry professor of Bansal Classes had founded Jaya Book world, 1000 students, on weekly basis either for an entrance exam or for study-related material. However, there is more to give its reader. From classic to autobiographies, there is a wide variety of books available to the readers. Moreover, it is a quiet place, readers can find comfortable chairs close to shelves. 

 Address: Shop No. LG 31, 43, 44, Four Seasons, Opposite City Mall, Bhagherwal Group, Kota, Rajasthan


Sarvodaya Book Stall

Sarvodaya Book Stall was established in 1958. It has an outstanding collection of books covering comics and various common themes like Fiction, Non-fiction at reasonable prices.

Address: 70-71, Jaswant Building, Station Road, Jodhpur, Rajasthan 342001


Babu book center

If you are in Bikaner and looking for a competitive exam book, then never miss out on a chance to visit Babu Book Center. It is a star player in the field of competitive books wholesalers of Bikaner. It was founded in 1982. In other words, Babu Book Center has a stronghold in this industry that aims to provide utmost satisfaction to its customers through premium service. Additionally, the main categories it covers are Competitive Exam Book Wholesalers, Photography Book Stationery Distributors-Doms, Stationery Wholesalers-Writewell, Educational Book Publishers.

Address: Mahila Mandal School Road, Behind Junaghar Fort 

These 8 Extraordinary bookstores of Rajasthan are not only preserving the history of the state but also welcoming people and bookworms from the world to become part of it. Firstly, these book stores offer diverse categories like book in different languages. Secondly, they conduct an enthralling book sessions in Rajasthan. Therefore , to know more about the above-listed book stores, bibliophile can visit them and live the stories while being in the state of kings.

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