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Though the idea of artist residencies has recently sprung up in  Rajasthan. They may be presenting lodging and presenting a platform for humans to revel in artwork and craft. So, let’s get to understand approximately a number of the outstanding artist residencies currently working with inside the state.     

They now no longer simply allow artists to discover  new places and get a glimpse of the Rajasthani tradition. However additionally provide  a possibility to test with conventional and neighborhood materials. Much just like the study-overseas packages for students, artist residencies. They aim to have a deep effect on the lives and careers of younger artists.

So, let’s dive into it and discover a number of the maximum artist residencies functioning in Rajasthan.

Artist Residencies in Rajasthan

1 – Rajasthan Studio, Rajasthan

Rajasthan Studio brings you the most thoughtfully curated package of an artist residency. The package is of 2 Nights, 3 Days. Then, the studio offers to stay and spend quality workshops. The award-winning master Fresco artist Shri Bhawani Shankar Sharma Ji conducts the workshops. One can experience the exotic art and taste the authentic cuisines.Therefore, hands-on experience of Indian-styled Fresco Painting. Hence,one can live the locally-rich and traditionally alluring lifestyle of Rajasthan

2 – Art Inn, Jaipur

Situated withinside the coronary heart of Jaipur. Art Inn is an old fashioned cottage. It gives meals and lodging for artists with  a number of different attractions. Alongside the primary amenities, it has a provision for guided visits and tours to close by anciental websites and  neighborhood artist villages.

Artists also are given the possibility to analyze more than one craft. They are blue pottery, woodcraft (toys, puppets and  furniture), conventional jewelry designing, block printing and  miniature artwork from neighborhood specialists in those villages. Those  fascinated also can select out traditional artwork bureaucracy inclusive of Mandana and  Pichwai from the artists. All in all, Art Inn presents an immersive  revel in for artwork fanatics and artists during the year.

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3 – Cocoa and Jasmine, Jaipur

Cocoa and Jasmine, an unbiased cultural mag and virtual publication. It is running in the sector of arts, crafts, layout and travel, is likewise organizing innovative residency packages. Its with neighborhood companions for the worldwide layout  network.

Panel discussions in the course of those packages covered interactions  among the artists and the neighborhood designers. In each of whom were given to apprehend and discover every different works. The itinerary additionally covered  visits to fabric museums and studios to witness stay craft  demonstrations, gems and jewelry. So, in quick, Cocoa and Jasmine supplied the network a peek into the modern-day layout. Its setup with inside the metropolis of Jaipur.

4 (A) – Art Junction, Udaipur (Urban)

Art Junction in Udaipur gives a completely unique possibility for a quick to medium term artist residency. Hence, it fingers over an open platform for artists from various backgrounds to return back collectively to proportion information and collaborate. And, on the quit of the residency, artists typically get the opportunity to show off their paintings, conduct public lectures, readings and speak shows  at neighborhood establishments in Udaipur.

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4 (B) – Art Junction, Udaipur (Rural)

While maximum of the opposite artwork residencies cater to the urbanized artwork groups. Art Junction additionally has a rural setup withinside the Badanga tribal village at the outskirts of Udaipur. 

It works in the direction of building networks and connections among a colorful league of social, cultural and aesthetic  perspectives, fostering collaboration. Therefore allowing the open speak for senior, practicing and rising artists who are naive. Besides this, the village  residency delves into the region’s tribal context through interactive  tasks and engagement drives.

5 – RETH, Jaisalmer

Westwards in Jaisalmer, RETH  is a curated inventive workshop that is organized at the Nachana Haveli  and Narayan Niwas Palace. In a technology of on-line mastering and Youtube videos. RETH is proceeding to provide city audiences a risk to take a few days off. The skilled artists analyze new artwork bureaucracy immediately. It is being stimulated with the aid of using India’s wealthy cultural heritage.

The larger picture

The goal of each artist residency is to create a precise atmosphere. Wherein global and Indian artists, who’re installed or rising, come collectively and collaborate in a completely new environment. Hence,  that is a win-win scenario for each artist, locals and of the path for  the tourism area as a whole.

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