Aathun: An Initiative That Safeguards The Folk Musicians Of Rajasthan, Amidst The Pandemic

The lockdown has rendered the needy penniless. The restrictions on travel have been nothing but an added bane for the folk artists for whom tourism was the major source of earnings.

Rajasthan Studio, a unique platform working for the Rajasthan artist community has come up with a not-for-profit initiative, Aathun (in the local Marwari it means the ‘West’). It aims at bridging the gap between the folk artists and their audience by giving them a unique, versatile virtual stage to perform and earn their living.  

In these unprecedented times, Rajasthan Studio that has already curated notable online experiences with 1000+ artists has now come up with this first-of-its-kind initiative of using the digital platform to promote the folk artists of the state.

They are bringing forth the experiential revolution by connecting the artists directly and virtually to their audience.

Rajasthan Studio is NOT an intermediary. By building an online community of undiscovered artists, we empower local, unpopular artists to find monetary support and develop real yet virtual relationships,” says Kartik Gaggar, founder of the Rajasthan Studio.

He adds, “Our artists are connoisseurs of the local, Rajasthani musical instruments like the Alghoza, the Khartal, the Kamayacha, the Ravanhatha, the Gharha, the Ektara, the Morchang, the Sindhi Sarangi, the Satara, the Pungi/Been, the Dheru and the Bhapang.” 

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How ‘Athun’ is all set to become the first-ever real time value-generating platform for folk artists in Rajasthan  

Aathun experiences will mark its beginning on the celebratory Folklore Day, i.e., on August 21, 2020, with the renowned folk artist in Rajasthan, Shri Yusuf Khan, who will go live on YouTube with his Bhapang saintly harmonies. 

This in-moment, real time experience is intended to create value and a source of rapport building for both the folk artist and the consumer. The experience-centric age of today will enable the artists to earn and the art-driven audience will be able to enjoy the folk art of rajasthan and pay purely on their own benevolence, directly to the artist via online payment channels like Paytm and GPay for which the details will flashed during their performances.

Aathun will be featuring many folk artists in the coming weeks, which shall include names like  Shri Sarwan Kumar Gegawat, the Mashak player from Nagaur and Shri Bhungarkhan Mangiar, a celebrated Khartal player from Barmer.

You can watch their performances live and contribute to the same at aathun.com

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