‘Aathun’: Yusuf Khan Commemorates The First Performance

‘Aathun’: Yusuf Khan Commemorates The First Performance

Aathun’ a not-for-profit initiative by Rajasthan Studio to give a new dimension to the earnings of the Rajasthani folk artists. Therefore, it was launched with full force as a part of the World Folklore Day celebrations. 

The first performance was commemorated by Shri Yusuf Khan, a renowned Bhapang player from Alwar Rajasthan. Who has also earned several state awards for his contribution to preserving the cultural value of the state through his folk music.

As Shri Yusuf Khan along with his group performed saintly harmonies for the audience watching live on Rajasthan Studio’s YouTube channel. The audience directly contributed the amount of their choice to the artist through Paytm & GPay. He recited and sung many folk songs that have been passed from generation to generation. 

People are stunned to know that I am a civil engineer by profession. When my father, a nationally-acclaimed Bhapang player died, I got this strong urge to return to my roots and what made our family truly unique. I also knew that Bhapang playing was a dying art and if I don’t continue. We as a community do not continue this, I will become a thing of the past. And, so I committed myself not just to practice. Bhapang but to take it a global level and regain its glory to let the world know about this beautiful instrument and its astounding tune.

For the first-ever real-time live experience program, Aathun got a celebratory start with audiences from all walks of life contributing to the artist. This allowing him and his group to make a considerable amount. 


Aathun strives to digitize the folk music industry giving the global crisis. With its core mission of helping the artists generate income by showcasing their artform via virtual stages. Hence this, in fact, is what makes Aathun distinctive, the idea of promoting the art and artists alongside building a revenue stream for them to sustain. And continue their consequential work in preserving folk art of the state.

Aathun will be giving the platform to many more such folk artists like Shri Sarwan Kumar Gegawat. The Mashak player from Nagaur and Shri Bhungarkhan Mangiar, a celebrated Khartal player from Barmer. Amongst others who are dedicated to preserving the lost folk music and instruments of Rajasthan. To tune into their live performances and contribute directly, watch out Rajasthan Studio’s Instagram or Facebook for more updates.

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