3 New-Age Folk Songs Of Rajasthan To Fall In Love With All Over Again!

Rajasthan-land of kings has a distinctive and quirky culture along with unique customs and traditions. Since hundreds of rulers ruled, each region has its own folk culture. Also, it is referred to as the “Culture capital of India” where traditions whisk well with the latest trends. Rajasthan culture is all about bright hues, vibrant festivals, authentic food, dazzling outfits, and likewise many such things. Rajasthani folk music and dance are almost alike because of their geographical confinement but also have their own uniqueness. It also has complex and improvisatory rules in Rajasthani folk music for dance.

There are two profounding artists that bestowed to the Rajasthani folk music. Manganiyars and Langas are the two most prominent ones. In Rajasthani folk music ‘ragas’ are performed for different purposes. These purposes are generally weddings, births, some tales of bravery, or romantic stories usually in the form of ballads. Rajasthani folk instruments play an integral role in Rajasthani folk music. The instruments include Shehnai, Poongi, Algoza, Tarpi, Been, and Bankia.

Some popular folk songs of Rajasthan- Panihari, Kesariya Balam, Pabuji Ki Phach, and Maand are exotic on their own accord. What do you think of reprised and modern touch to all those old contemporary gems of traditional Rajasthani folk music? Rajasthan Studio brings you the modern-day musician’s blending melodies and vocals with typical Rajasthani folk songs. Discover more about these remarkable revised traditional Rajasthani folk music by modern-day musicians.

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Sajan More Ghar Aaye – Solo Movie

The new age folk song of Rajasthan, Sajan More Ghar Aaye is an aesthetical track from the Tamil/Malayalam movie Solo is truly pleasing to our ears. Swarupa Ananth and Jahnvi Shrimankar are the singers who will make you listen to it on loop. Originally this Jog came with traditional bandish, ‘Sajan More Ghar Aaye’. It offers joy and happiness and also laced with taans that hovered around sawal and jawab. It has three main elements – the bols of the tabla, the lyrics of the song, and the ‘nungen‘ syllables in the tarana raga.

Aave Re Hichki- Mirzya Movie

The name itself tells you that this one is about hiccups. It is believed that if you have hiccups, someone is missing you. This Rajasthani folk song is about a woman who gets hiccups when her husband is traveling. Inspired by this folk song, Gulzar afterward has penned original lyrics in his quintessential style for the movie Mirzya. Modern artists Mame Khan and Shankar Mahadevan reprised this to a new-age folk song of Rajasthan. This exotic folk has a melancholic core furthermore showcasing the state of lonely lovers.

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Padharo Mare Desh- Bandish Bandits Series

This new-age folk song of Rajasthan inspired from a very famous folk music Kesariya Balam. This folk song is in Mand singing style. This song narrates the feelings of love, affection, and respect for her beloved husband. Allah Jilai earlier, best known for his song Kesariya Balam stole many hearts through this song. Padharo Mare Des is a reprised version song from the drama series-Bandish Bandits sung by Shankar Mahadevan. This blend of easy-listening pop and soaring semi-classical tunes brings to your mind the trio’s vast body of work.

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