10 Super Fun Ways To Style a Bandhani Dupatta

A Bandhani dupatta is to Indian fashion what the little black dress is to European fashion. Both will NEVER go out of style. Now that Bandhani dupattas are here to stay, we might as well play, experiment and create our own unique styles with it. In this article, we’re going to check-out 10 ways to style a Bandhani dupatta. 

Hold on – before we jump to the styling section, let’s first explore a little bit about Bandhani as a craft.

Bandhani is a type of tie-dye textile. Its origin can be traced back to the Indus valley civilization in India. Today, the craft is practised majorly in Gujarat and Rajasthan by the highly skilled artisans of  Khatri community. The word ‘Bandhani’ is derived from the Sanskrit word ‘Bandh’ meaning ‘to tie’. The designs in Bandhani are obtained by tying the fabric tightly with a thread at various spots. Once the tying is done, the fabric is dyed in colour, the threads are untied & fabric is unfolded – resulting in mesmerizing patterns. The process is completely manual and requires great precision.

Some other forms of tie-dye textiles handcrafted in India are  Pochampally Ikat from Telangana, Sambalpuri Ikat from Odisha, Shibori, Leheriya from Rajasthan and Patola from Gujarat.

Styling a Bandhani dupatta

Bandhani dupatta as a traditional odhani 

The beauty of a Rajputi poshak comes out best with a traditional, hand-printed Bandhani or Leheriya Odhani instead of the gaudy synthetic, machine-made ones used these days. So let’s bring the trend of Bandhani odhani back.

Bandhani with jeans or legging – Indo-fusion style 

You won’t believe how chic a Bandhani dupatta looks with a pair of jeans! Check it out –

Tip – Pair some oxidized silver or tribal jewellery with these looks and go boho!

Bandhani on beach

Bandhani dupatta can totally replace the sarong or wrap skirt on your next Goa vacation! The breeziness, vibrancy of Bandhani makes it perfect for sunny beaches. 

Check this video for some tips –

Video Credit: 5-Minute Crafts GIRLY

A multicolor bandhani dupatta as an African headwrap

African headwraps are representative of the continents’ colourful culture. Why not give them a try, but with an Indian touch using a Bandhani dupatta?!

Tip – Fold the dupatta to reduce it to the size of a stole.

Bandhani dupatta with suit

God! There are millions of ways to style a Bandhani dupatta with suit. Here are some noteworthy ones –

Bandhani dupatta with mirror work as a jacket 

Pure silk Bandhani dupatta as a Kaftan

Silk Bandhani dupattas will look amazing as a Kaftan or Kaftan dress. We have the proof right here!

You can get a Kaftan dress stitched out of a dupatta or if you are in a mood to do something artsy this weekend, you can try making it yourself! This video below might help – 

How to style a Bandhani dupatta as a kimono, shrug or cape

Normally these dupattas can be styled as a kimono, cape and shrug as they are so flowy and drapable. Or with the help of some simple DIY videos, you can convert them into dresses or simply drape the dupattas in that fashion. 

Tip – Try to keep the outfit minimal, solid-colours-only to make the dupatta shine.

Bandhani dupatta with a gown for an Indo-western look

Ideas for men 

These dupattas can be used to make really funky kurtas, shirts, bundis for men. Generally, a dupatta is generally 2-2.5 metres in length. This length is perfect to make any garment for men – irrespective of the body shape. Take a look at the designs we have compiled for you below. All you need to do is buy a Bandhani dupatta, and take it to a tailor.

You can pair the kurtas or shirts with jeans, harem pants, joggers or hoppers

That is all from our side folks!

We would love to hear from you about the other interesting ways to style a Bandhani dupatta. Please tell us in the comments sections below.

If you want to try-out these styles but don’t have a Bandhani dupatta, you can check-out online stores like Bandhej, Itokri, Amounee for authentic, handmade Bandhani textiles.

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