‘Unlock Tourism’ in Rajasthan: ADTOI Rajasthan’s Commendable Step of Saying ‘Padharo Mhare Des’ to Domestic Travelers

‘Unlock Tourism’ in Rajasthan: ADTOI Rajasthan’s Commendable Step of Saying ‘Padharo Mhare Des’ to Domestic Travelers

The past months have been extremely difficult for the travel and tourism industry as well as domestic travelers. The coronavirus outbreak has totally decimated the operations of the tourism sectors. It is adversely affecting the livelihoods and sustenance of businesses and the people in the industry.

Rajasthan is the cultural hub of tourists from around the world is stricken hard by the ongoing pandemic. The major chunk of state earnings directly or indirectly comes from trade and commerce related to the tourism industry. Most businesses and industries open up about striving to gain back the new normalcy around the crisis. The travel industry is yet to have its ‘acche din,’ back.

Association of Domestic Tour Operators of India, Rajasthan Chapter has taken a pivotal step to bring back the travel zeal. It is also trying to instill confidence in domestic travelers through the ‘Unlock Tourism.’

ADTOI Unlock Tourism

Under the guidance of ADTOI President Mr. P.P. Khanna and Rajasthan Chapter Chairman, Mahender Singh, a two-day exploration trip was organized for its member committee. The vision behind organizing this short jaunt was to demonstrate the state’s robust preparedness for COVID 19 safe travel practices.

Mr. Singh shared while talking about the initiative with our Founder Kartik Gaggar who, interestingly, as a member of ADTOI accompanied them on this 2-day trip.

Being at the forefront of the industry as service providers, the best way to lead is with example. If we are promoting domestic travel, we first need to implement it on ourselves. Then showcase that yes, Rajasthan is taking all safety precautions and adhering to all guidelines to help you travel safely.

The itinerary of this trip included staying at heritage hotels, exploring culturally significant properties in various towns, and visiting religiously significant places which are an inherent part of Rajasthan’s domestic tourism. 

Experiencing it first hand, our founder, delved in the details and shared details about this trip. It was about brainstorming and sharing innovative ideas to kickstart at least domestic travel in the coming months.

Unlock tourism paved the way to thought-processing, sharing of ideas, conceptualizing the strategies, and many other things amongst the primary service providers.

On his experience of exploring city’s heritage during a pandemic, he revealed,

I must say that not just the Government but even the private sector is undertaking complete safety measures to ensure that there is no compromise with the health of the travelers. Whether it is temperature checks, social distancing, mask mandate, sanitization practices, or other COVID safe guidelines, everyone is being cautious and responsible.

‘Unlock Tourism,’ indeed comes as the first step towards adjusting the travel industry to the new normal while inviting the ‘wanderlust-gripped’ souls from around the country to experience Rajasthan in a new light and breathe in the life by reviving the income source for not just the hotels and resorts, but millions of others whose main source of breadmaking is dependent on tourism.

At this time, traveling to sustain the marginal communities and people whose livelihood and sustenance depends on tourism of the place, is a social responsibility of its own kind. Think about it!

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