Top 15 Hotels in Mount Abu Hill Station

Mount Abu, on the picturesque Aravali Plateau, is surrounded by lush green trees and filled with natural beauty, temple architecture, and the history of mediaeval forts and Havelis. Nonetheless, this city, which exudes the best of bygone grandeur, is home to a slew of architectural marvels with artistic features and picture-worthy craftsmanship. Despite the stunning surroundings, life is fairly tranquil here, and the locals are also very friendly.

Visitors and tourists have always been intrigued by Mount Abu city, which is home to a lot of fascinating landmarks. Here you’ll find some of the most stunning scenery to soothe our eyes and souls, whether it’s the starry sky reflected in the Nakki Lake or the immaculate ornamental carvings of the Dilwara Jain Temple. Mount Abu Wildlife Sanctuary, Peace Park, Guru Shikhar Peak, Sunset Point, Abu Road, Trevour’s Tank Toad Rock, and a plethora of other serene locations may all be found here. So, if you’re looking for hotels in mount abu booking, this is your go to listicle.

List of Hotels in Mount Abu Hill Station

Hotel Aradhana

Hotel Aradhana is the ideal budget hotel, with a convenient location, heritage-themed decor, and services that will make you feel at ease. There’s also a rooftop restaurant, which is 2.1 km from the Mount Abu Wildlife Sanctuary’s edge and has a tourist-rated Indo-Chinese menu. This guesthouse is around four kilometres from the 11th-century Dilwara Temple.

Tariff: INR 2,100 per night and above

Hotel Mount Regency

Hotel Mount Regency, located near the Kalpeshwar Temple and Polo Ground, has struck the perfect mix between old-world elegance and modernity. This is an excellent destination to spend your vacation, especially if you’re on a budget and want to stay somewhere comfy that welcomes you with open arms. They provide a highly rated Ayurvedic massage service. Nonetheless, the Deluxe Suite with Garden View is our recommendation for a room to book a room in one of this hotels near mount abu. 

Tariff: INR 2,000 per night and up

Hotel Maganji’s

Hotel Maganji is one of Mount Abu’s oldest and most contemporary hotels. The property is designed to look and feel like a home, and those who spend time inside get a warm welcome. This hotel is located in the Aravalli Mountains and has a spectacular panoramic view of the Moyunatin Range. It also goes to Toran Gujarat Bhawan and Shree Chamunda Mata Mandir.

Tariff: INR 1,750 per night and above

Hotel Karnavati

Book a room at Hotel Karnvati if you’re seeking for an adventure in Mount Abu. This viewpoint, which is located a bit above the city, offers a spectacular view of the city. It’s also close to tourist attractions like St. Ann’s Church and Shankar Dham. They offer highly rated hiking and boating excursions. Hotel Karnavati is the ideal place to stay if you want to learn more about Rajasthani culture. If you’re thinking about staying here, you’re in for a treat.

Tariff: INR 1,700 per night and above

Hotel Banjara

The panoramic nature view from the windows of this charming hotel, which is perched on the edge of the Mount Abu Wildlife Sanctuary, is breathtaking. Hotel Banjara is an excellent alternative for individuals who have been bitten by the travel bug and want to see Mount Abu on a budget. Therefore, the low budget does not deter the hotel from providing you top notch services. 

Tariff: INR 1,300 per person and up

Sterling Mount Abu

This hilltop resort, which has 69 magnificent rooms and is bordered by virgin forests and Dilwara Jain temples. It is known as one of the greatest hotels in Mount Abu. Each room features sophisticated design, spotless white themes, and modern amenities, creating an exquisite hideaway. Nevertheless, the rooftop pool of the hotel offers panoramic views of the Aravalli Range. They also provide access to the adjacent reserve woodland for hiking and birdwatching.

Tariff: 5,800 per night onwards

Hotel Aravali

This hotel, also known as the ‘Oasis in the Rajasthan Desert-scape,’ is not only a fantastic refuge for nature lovers. But it also brilliantly integrates modern conveniences with natural design to make it a must-stay for families. Therefore, this is the place to be for your journey to Mount Abu, with everything from royal architecture to modern seats on the balcony. For an unforgettable stay at this resort, we recommend the Aravli suite. Conveniently, popular places to visit like The Neelkanth Mahadev Mandir and St. Ann’s Church are located nearby.

Tariff: INR 1,500 onwards per night

Hotel Marigold Mount Abu

This luxury hotel in Mount Abu is one of the most preferred locations for long-stay holidays. It is the best boutique hotel with a view of Nakki lake. Places like Mataji’s Temple, Budheshwer Mahadev Temple Besides are in close proximity to this hotel. It is well-connected with the city and also offers a grand swimming pool for its residents.

Tariff: INR 2,000 onwards per night

Forest Eco Lodge

This homestay in Mount Abu near Nakki Lake can be best described as a classic cabin-style stay for adventurers. Who want to venture out and explore and return to a cosy yet rustic stay. It is recognised for its panoramic views, backyards, and neighbouring woods that are ideal for trekking due to its location on top of a hill. The cabin-style lodge and nearby attractions like  Bhimali Mata Temple, Plummy and Sunrise point are perfect for photography. 

Tariff: INR 3,000 onwards per night

Jaipur Palace

The Heritage Hotel is a 19th-century mansion perched on a cliffside with a breathtaking view of the surrounding landscape. The rooms are spacious and have a vintage feel to their furnishings. If you’re seeking for a low-cost but luxurious stay, this is the place to go.  It is definitely one of the good hotels in mount abu and family friendly too. Hence, this location has beautiful 19th-century architecture. The Jaipur palace is worth staying in due to its proximity to Toad Rock and Nakki Lake.

Tariff: INR 2,000 per night and up

Hotel HG Grandiose

This hotel is known for its tranquilly and nicely built rooms. And it is the ideal blend of quality and affordability. This location is close to popular tourist attractions such as the Duleshwar Temple and Nakki Lake. Moreover, this hotel has 32 individually designed rooms for distinctive travellers who want to experience Mount Abu and return to a comfortable and creative setting. They provide concierge services to assist you with your itinerary, which can be compared to local knowledge for first-time visitors. Tourist hubs like Polo Ground and Ram Krishna Ashram are conveniently located. This makes it one of the best hotels in mount abu rajasthan.

Tariff: INR 4,000 onwards per night

Altus Luxury Homestay

One of the pricier hotels in mount abu 5 star,hotels on our list is the Altus Luxury Homestay. This exquisite guest house on the borders of Mount Abu is ideal for visitors looking for a traditional Rajasthani stay with modern conveniences. Nonetheless, the huge grass in front of the establishment is an attractive attraction for travellers. In addition to the large and elegant accommodations, top-rated dining service, and exquisite location. The designs of the rooms are influenced by British Raj and Indo-Western cultures. While coming here, be sure to stay in the Luxury Homestay Suite.

Tariff: INR 12,700 onwards per night

Hotel Silver Oak 

The Hotel Silver Oak, built in a colonial architectural style. It is one of Mount Abu’s most popular mount abu famous hotels. A majority of tourist attractions are also within walking distance of the accommodation. Silver Oak has been awarded a Certificate of Excellence by TripAdvisor. Although ensuring that its guests have a comfortable stay with excellent service. Nevertheless, the expansive gardens in front of the apartments are simply lovely – ideal for an evening cup of tea. The beautiful garden with its velvety soft lawn, well-designed teak wood furnishings. Also the garden restaurant serving Indian and Chinese cuisines. Definitely book a room with a view of the garden and experinece one of the best stays out of all Hotels in Mount Abu!

Tariff: INR 2,500 per night and up

Achal Resort

This fascinating resort is one of the most magnificent Hotels in Mount Abu. It is situated amidst mango orchards and palm groves above rocky cliffs, just a short distance from Achaleshwar Mahadev. Moreover, it is Mount Abu’s highest resort, known for its dawn views and multi-cuisine restaurants. Guests can stay in spacious apartment-style accommodations for up to 5 people. As well as conventional rooms with modern facilities and balconies.

Tariff: INR 2,500 onwards per night

The Place Hotel

Located near the famous Dilwara Temples and the Nakki Lake, the Palace Hotel is one of the best mount abu luxury hotels. Hence, this hotel which has been frequented by former royals and British officers, is a real palace. Well-appointed rooms, tasteful furnishings, and luxurious facilities and amenities. Which make it a sought-after stop one of the best Hotels in Mount Abu for the guests while vacationing in Mount Abu. Rooftop star-gazing at night, tennis-courts in a hillside setting. Also traditional and continental cuisines at the restaurant aid in a world class experience in this hotel. 

Tariff: INR 7,300 onwards per night


There are many sights to see and places to explore in Mount Abu. And even if you’re travelling alone, you’ll have a great time visiting these places in Mount Abu. For tourists who are travelling solo, the city is safe and the Hotels in Mount Abu Hill station are magnificent! Hotel Maganji and Hotel Saraswati are two cheap hotels in mount abu. If you want to save money on your trip, ask the hotels if there are any discounts available during their stay. Therefore, Hotel Hillock, The Colonial Kaanchi House Mount Abu, and Sun Hotel and Resort are some of the greatest places to stay on a honeymoon in Mount Abu.

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