This Is How I Enjoyed Jutti Making Workshop

Jutti Making Workshop With Rajasthan Studio


Art is the window through which we get to see the whole world filled with colours and beautiful designs that in turn develops in ourselves a sense of happiness and bliss. I always admired art and loved to learn more about it and who else can explain art more beautifully than a master artist who devoted their entire life to a single art form and mastered it completely. Through Rajasthan Studio, I got a chance to interact with Mohan Lal Gujar Ji who is a master artist in the field of Jutti making.

Exploring Jodhpur

Jodhpur, the second-largest city of Rajasthan, is a place full of wonders. I witnessed the city through the eyes of a traveler. As a traveler I am always in the search of something beautiful. This makes me very happy to say that the beauty of Jodhpur amazed me. I along with my three other friends were mesmerized by its culture covering food, clothing, and the arts. The most memorable was their gesture of greeting followed by the delightful foods. I, after landing in the city of the palace explored the colors of palaces, its streets, and the markets. The streets full of lights and wonderful people were heart-stealing.

Apart from the culture, art and the warm-hearted people one most important thing to explore is its colorful markets. The shopaholic inside me couldn’t resist them and I went on to buy different types of handicrafts products which were the specialty of the city markets. 

Know more about Rajasthan Studio’s Jutti Making Experience

Jutti Making Workshop with Mohan Lal Gujar Ji

I had decided to attend a masterclass workshop with Mohan Lal  Gujar Ji along with three of my friends. Before reaching there we had no idea what we were going to witness and upon meeting him at his studio it makes me delighted to say that the experience was an amazing memory that I will cherish for a lifetime. Upon arriving we were greeted with garlands and welcomed in a royal manner. Markedly, their friendliness touched our hearts. Mohan Lal Ji along with his whole family was one of the best hosts we ever came across.

Juttis that you can make at Mohan Lal Gujar Ji ‘s place

The Process Of Making Jutti

Before beginning the workshop, Mohan Lal Ji took me through the set of raw materials and tools and explained each of them in a detailed manner. With this, we began creating the artwork. Me and my friends, all tried our hands-on making holes in Juttis with tools. Not to mention, Mohan Lal ji was very supportive and kind enough as he kept us guiding through the process. After finishing the base of the Juttis, we went upstairs, where we got to witness and also observe the beautiful process of stitching and embroidery to give the final touch to the Juttis.

The amazing team of Rajasthan Studio was very supportive and helpful as well as were present throughout the masterclass making sure that I enjoy my experience in a proper way.

Things I Carried Back

Mohan Lal Ji is an amazing artist and moreover an amazing teacher who explained each and every step involved in the process in a detailed manner. I and also my friends were very amazed and delighted by gaining a hands-on experience of the Jutti making art form under his guidance. The whole process thus took us more closer to the artistic roots of Rajasthan and gave us a way to explore one of the most amazing art forms. We got to meet Mohan Lal Ji’s family who was equally great and welcoming and also had tea together followed by some lighthearted chat.

All of us created and took with us royal Juttis as souvenirs. The souvenirs serve as a token of our memorable experience that we had with Mohan Lal Ji and his family. We were very delighted by witnessing the art experience as well as creating for the first time our own. Lastly, I and my friends will always cherish those memories and the souvenirs will always be close to our hearts!!

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