Magazines Of Rajasthan- An Epitome Of The State’s Culture

Magazines of Rajasthan

Rajasthan is a place where you can explore the vibrant vintage culture and new modernism in the environment at the same time. The beauty of the state is in its deep-rooted culture. The history of Rajasthan has always been an inspiration for many generations.

The forts, palaces, monuments, festivals, and markets exhibit the culture of the state. Similarly, the magazines of Rajasthan boast the traditions and magnificence of the state. It engages readers with the state’s knowledge and art. Native magazines acknowledge the fascination of lifestyle in Rajasthan. These magazines have provided knowledge to the people of Rajasthan for a long period and some of them continue to do so.

Below is the list of some well-recognized Magazines of Rajasthan:



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Firstly, Manak Rajasthani is the oldest magazine. It has connected natives of Rajasthan all over the world into a one close fraternity. It was first published in the year 1981. Then, the magazine had a limited reach when it first started. Now it is one of the most famous and preferred magazines by families in Rajasthan. It continues to connect art, culture, and history of Rajasthan to people not only who reside in the state but globally. Also, it has preserved the culture, heritage, and language of the state for years and continues to do so.


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Now, Mera Rajasthan is a popular magazine amongst people in the state. It is published and distributed all over India by Gaylord Publications Pvt. Ltd. It established its market in 2005. Also, it has the vision to spread knowledge about Rajasthan’s culture and heritage. Moreover, the content describes the beauty in the cities and villages of the state. Additionally, the unique quality of this magazine is the truth and knowledge of stories it shares.


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Simply Jaipur is a magazine running since 2012. Also, this magazine has a domain of life and style in Jaipur. It conveys the information about the stories in Jaipur covering the famous personalities. It also talks about the key aspects of lifestyle in Jaipur. Simply Jaipur is one of the magazines people turn to in need of their search for places, experiences, well-recognized products, and references.


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Rajasthan Diary was one of the popular magazines over a time. It is a monthly subscription which is recognised for its political coverage. It succeeded in serving the community with knowledge for a long time. The magazine delivered information that was unique and beyond the news. It is recognised amongst the community for its unbiased evidence.


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Rajasthan the Golden Dessert is a popular magazine from Jodhpur. It is a monthly publication within the domain of hotels and tourism in Rajasthan. The magazine is famous for its content on history, forts, palaces, and art. It also publishes the interviews of known personalities, reviews, news about hotels and tourist attractions. It continues to spread recognition of Rajasthan’s culture all over the world.


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Rajasthan Sujas is published by the Information and Public Relations Department of the Government of Rajasthan. It has carried facts and valuable information for years. The magazine provides information about the schemes and achievements of the Government of Rajasthan. It also helps students aspiring for various public sector jobs in Rajasthan.


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Now, Marwar India is a community-based magazine that emphasizes on business achievements of Marwar. It profiles the finest and brightest of the community. Also, the magazine focuses on elite personalities and acknowledges them on the cover. Most importantly, to list a few that have been on the cover are – Laxmi Mittal, Abhishek Manu Singhvi, Indu Jain Sanjiv and Goenka. Lastly, Marwar India also highlights the art, tradition, culture, food, and theatre. 


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Our Jaipur is a monthly magazine from Jaipur that runs digitally as well as in paperback. It is popular for its unique style of information about travel in Jaipur. It is published in the English language. Our Jaipur speaks the life and exquisiteness of Jaipur. Therefore, it describes the famous places, food recommendations, and must travel destinations in Jaipur.

In conclusion, these magazines have succeeded in providing efficient information about the state over an era. Also, the Magazines of Rajasthan have covered numerous stories. These stories are about the art, travel, business, politics, and lifestyle of the state’s community. Hence, they are popular not only within the state but also all over the world.

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