5 Reasons to Explore India’s First Ever Astronomy Resort

If you’re anything like us, we bet you’re tired of staying in your apartment throughout numerous lockdowns. Vaccinations are advancing at full swing in our country. Now it’s time to plan for future travels, be it a quick weekend getaway or a family vacation. We, at Rajasthan Studio, have unearthed a hidden gem tucked away in the Aravalli range in Rajasthan – Astroport Sariska, an astronomy resort in India. 

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Astroport Sariska- India’s first astronomy resortn| Credits: www.india.com

India’s first astronomy resort

Astroport Sariska is India’s first Star Gazing Resort, providing an unrivalled view of the sky and beyond. It’s a tourist resort with a unique concept that aims to transport you to the stars. This resort provides a whole package of fun-filled vacations and ensures that every guest has a great time. Moreover, it is 5 hours away from Delhi in Alwar, Rajasthan, it is situated at a great stargazing spot. It is also surrounded by nature’s best attractions like the Sariska National Park and the gorgeous Mansarovar lake.  

Weekend getaway in nature’s lap

This astro-resort is the perfect spot for an ideal holiday for every member of your family! Astroport also provides non-astro related activities such as trekking, birdwatching, rock climbing, jungle safaris and village tours. Yoga and aerobics courses are also provided at the resort. Training in astrophotography, DIY telescopes, sundials, and zodiac signs are.

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Connect with stars

Astroport attracts a diverse range of guests from all over the country. It’s not just about astronomy enthusiasts but also people who are looking for a fun holiday. They proudly say that Astroport Experience is all about the guest experience. Lay on the ground, breathe freshness of starry night and connect with millions start. Furthermore, one gets to sit under the stars and unfold the mysteries of life! Due to the resort’s aloof location, it is a bit difficult to find. But the locals are more than happy to help! This million-star resort is indeed a hub of tranquillity. The astronomy experience at night was enlightening and fulfilling!  

astronomy-based resort, astronomy-themed resort, Astro-resort, Astroport, Astronomy resort
Astronomy based resort in Rajasthan | Credits <a href=httpswwwscoopwhoopcom>scoopwhoopcom<a>

An Educational trip

If you think that you need to have some knowledge about stargazing or the Milkyway galaxy you’re wrong. Astroport is a hub of specialized astronomy experts. They will impart you with their knowledge about the galaxy and the stars and the kind of telescopes used. They are ready to reply to any such questions that pops up in an inquisitive mind. Therefore, if your child shows a keen interest in learning more about the sky, this is the perfect trip for them and it also gets you time away from the hustle-bustle of the city. 

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Getaway from hustle of cities

Apart from priding itself on being a unique astronomy resort, Astroport also offers its guests great facilities on the property. The place is away from polluted cities, hustling crowd and congestion. Escape into the beauty that transcends the earthly boundaries, uncover the secrets of the Milky Way! Not only the surreal surroundings but the warm hospitality of the resort becomes a perfect stress buster.

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The best time to visit Rajasthan is between October to march, so what are you waiting for? Start planning your trip to Astroport today if you want to enjoy star-gazing in Rajasthan.  This Astro-resort in India can turn out to be a combination of thrilling adventures and magical starry nights. A weekend trip to this spectacular resort is a must.

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