10 Things to Buy in Jaipur in 2023

Jaipur, the “Pink City of India,” is known for its rich heritage, royalty, exquisite monuments, and more. But only a few people know that Jaipur is also a great shopping destination. In this blog, we are covering the things to buy in Jaipur in 2023 that are undoubtedly remarkable.

Jaipur is one of the most vibrant cities in India, known for its history, culture, architecture, artwork, handicrafts, and much more. If you’re looking for famous things to buy in Jaipur as souvenirs for yourself, your friends, and your family without being looted, then refer to the ten things from our list.

Top 10 things to buy in Jaipur 

1. Handicrafts

Jaipur’s traditional and famous marketplaces to shop at is Chandpole Bazar. You’ll be amazed by the creativity of the Karigars. The handicraft carvings are made out of marble or handlooms. You can shop for pieces like flamboyant shoes, pretty handicrafts, sculptures, carpets, turbans, woods, and more.

These handicrafts are not only beautiful, but the process of making them is also mesmerising. The best part is, if you are in Jaipur, you can take art experiences and create personalised souvenirs with master artisans. Sounds fun? Check out all the art experiences at Rajasthan Studio. 

Image Source: Source- Thrillophilia

2. For all Things Jaipuri- Bapu Bazaar

If you share a love for shopping bohemian items and all things aesthetics, then Bapu Bazaar is heaven for you. It’s a one-stop shopping destination for all Jaipuri items, as you can buy anything at very affordable prices. 

Everything is available here, from clothing to traditional Rajasthani juttis and home decor, at nominal prices. Experience the rush of street shopping at its best in the Bapu Bazaar. Also, when you enter the bazaar around Saraogi Mansion, try the mouth-watering street food.

Bapu Bazaar
Image Source- City of Jaipur

3. For Wedding Shopping- Purohit Ji ka Katla

If you are looking for wedding-related items, Purohit Ji ka Katla is the best place to shop in Jaipur. The Katla is famous for buying wedding lehengas, suits, sarees, and more.

The market is open for six days, and Sundays are closed.

Wedding shopping in Jaipur
Image Source – City of Jaipur

4. Traditional Rajasthani Footwear- Nehru Bazaar

When you enter the Nehru Bazaar, you will find shops selling textiles and clothing items. However, the main attraction of the market is traditional handwoven juttis, which are the best thing to buy in Jaipur while travelling. The juttis are in vibrant-looking, multi-coloured designs. Remember to use all your bargaining skills to retain the best pieces. 

Rajasthani Juttis
Image Source: Pixabay

5. Blue Pottery

Those who love Blue Pottery know the importance of finding high-quality items of this craft. The Blue Pottery collection and artwork in Jaipur are highly remarkable, and you can buy a series of things like ashtrays, pots, jars, and much more. You can even take a Blue Pottery art experience and make your personalised plates as souvenirs with us. 

Jaipur's famous Blue Pottery
Image Source: Pixabay

6. Ghewar

One of the most delicious and famous things to buy in Jaipur is the mouth-watering Malai Ghewar. Its sweetness is enough to make you fall in love with Jaipur. Ghewar is popularly made during the Teej festival in Jaipur. But you can buy it from any local sweet shop whenever you visit Jaipur. 

Things to Buy in Jaipur - Ghewar
Image Source- inaminute-shop

7. Sireh-Deori Bazaar- Street Shopping

The market opposite the famous Hawa Mahal is another perfect place to do street shopping in Jaipur. You can find famous thighs to buy in Jaipur, such as leather shoes, camel leather footwear, puppets, home decor, and more exclusive items in Jaipur. 

street shopping in Jaipur
Image Source-Lifestyle & Travel Magazine

8. Fabrics

Jaipur is famous for its textile, block printing, bagru prints, and intricate embroidery. Rajasthani fabrics such as Lehariya and Mothra are vibrant in colour. They are also soft and comfortable fabrics that are worth buying. Ladies wear lehariya suits and sarees during the festivals.

Fabrics to Buy in Jaipur
Image Source: Pixabay

9. Antiques- MI Road

If you love buying antiques, age-old items, and jewellery that defines the heritage and history, then antiques built with intricate designs are perfect choice for you. Each item has a significant meaning and speaks for itself. MI Road has amazing shops that have maintained the family legacy and sell charming jewellery across the globe. 

Things to Buy in Jaipur - Antiques
Image Source: Magic Pin

10.  Jewellery-Johari Bazaar

We all know Jaipur is a major hub for all types of jewellery. Johari bazaar is one of the oldest markets selling precious stones, gems, semi-precious stones, and jewellery with a limited warranty. Jewellery is one of the famous things to buy in Jaipur. The amazing designs and plethora of choices will leave you in awe. Handmade necklaces and jewellery with precious gemstones are the best things to buy in Jaipur.

But if you want to handcraft and customise a piece of jewellery, then take a Meenakari experience with us. 


The above places are some unique shopping destinations to buy famous things in Jaipur. Every item itself defines the beauty of Jaipur and its rich cultural heritage. Whenever you’re travelling to Jaipur, make sure to buy souvenirs for your loved ones and the best decorative things for your home from Jaipur.

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