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We have 27 art experiences in 15 established art forms in Jaipur, 5 amazing art forms in Udaipur and 7 magnificient art forms in Jodhpur listed to be booked with well-known art maestros. These are individual bookings done by persons, who are interested in exploring the boundaries of a particular art form that they have always been mystified by.

Each of these 27 art forms listed on Rajasthan Studio, e.g. – Brass Wire inlay, gem stone carving, Enamelling on Silver, Paper Mache, etc. in Jaipur, Sculpting, Miniature Painting, Phad Painting, Sea Foam Carving, etc. in Udaipur and Metal Artware, Leather Jutti, Dhaal Carving, etc. in Jodhpur– has been carefully curated to capture a slice; the life blood of a culturally-alive state of Rajasthan.

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Imagine hammering a lump of clay into a figurine, under the watchful eye of nationally-acclaimed Awaz Mohammad, and later swapping notes with him over a steaming cup of tea. Or learning minimalistic photography from Prakash Ghai, an artist who sees art in every geometrical piece – a window or a doorframe; or learning to write a personal message on a grain of rice from none other than the well-acclaimed Niru Chhabra, who holds the record of writing 108 letters on a single grain of rice with her magic brush. Or learning  devotional stories through Phad Painting with Pradeep Mukherjee and Shamsher Khan. Or understand mythology via beautiful colors of Pichwai Paintings with Rajaram Sharma. Or can even get your ends in the clay to give forms to the formless structures. Or engrave and imprint beautiful memories on dhaal. Or learn how ethnic leather Jodhpuri juttis are made. Or create beautiful designs with tie and dye.

If seeing is believing and enjoying – the USP of Rajasthan Studio’s two to six hour long art experience is that it is conducted in-situ — at the artist’s studio and later you come away with a tangible piece of your own creation, besides load full of memories.
Rajasthan Studio’s target is to have 100 such unique, immersive art experience listed on the online marketplace – ripe for picking by art lovers who feel they are starved of such inspiring stimulation in a highly-mechanised, info-weary world that we live in, today.
A Rajasthan Studio experience is meant to be life-transforming.