Online Art Experiences

Give your itinerary a touch of artistic excellence!

Why be a mainstream traveler when you can explore the authentic essence of a place and take it home with you?

With Rajasthan Studio, discover the rich artistic heritage of Rajasthan and indulge in soulful experiences that will stay with you as memories for a lifetime!

Art Experiences by Rajasthan Studio are expertly-curated workshops with acclaimed art maestros, conducted both in-person and online. These sessions are personalized and explorative, feeding the ever-inquisitive minds of new-age travelers and zealous art lovers.

100% Art

An art experience narrates the historical tale of a conventional art form, introduces travelers to the rich cultural heritage of Rajasthan, helps master an unexplored skill, and facilitates the creation of infinite memories. An art experience can range anywhere between 1 hour to 6 hours.

An art experience is not simply about learning from an acclaimed expert. It is about trying your hand at an unexplored skill and mastering it, creating your own artwork and taking it home as a beautiful souvenir. It is about delving deep into the artistic legacy of a place, of local artists, their families and communities, and taking home a part of it with you!

What to expect in
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Passionate artists

Engaging learning

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