ART - Art, Recreation & Therapy

That’s exactly what you need and this is what we offer! Swimming through the ocean of to-dos and corporate routine, lean above the water and look at the serene surroundings!

Rajasthan Studio brings you well-curated creative, recreational and therapeutic experiences for your employees. Gather together, engage, socialize and make long lasting memories while we take care of managing the entire event.

Employee Engagement Experiences

Interactive Session

Workshops that encourage peer-to-peer interaction and socialization

Hybrid Curation Model

Host seamless virtual sessions or immersive in-person workshops

Team Building

Recreational activities that produce results while you unwind yourself

Therapeutic & Relaxing

Soothing sessions that offer an irresistible diversion for routine

Co-creative & Productive

Boost creativity and take up your long lost hobby!


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Ahinsa Marg, Adinath Nagar, JLN Road, Opp WTP, Jaipur, Rajasthan 302018