Amazing unknown DJs in Rajasthan

Unknown DJs of Rajasthan

Background on India and Music for DJs in Rajasthan

Indian eclecticism inculcates aspects of both regional and popular Bollywood songs. DJs in
Rajasthan are especially popular for making such eccentric tracks in terms of Wedding DJs, Sangeet DJs or Party DJs . While the popular tracks are tested crowd pleasers, barely recognizable songs soon also gain popularity because of aspects of regional sounds. Due to regional barriers some Unknown DJs in Rajasthan are underrated.

India has been huge potential for dance market even before EDM global events in 2010s gained popularity. India has, however, been huge on dance music. Indian people consider weddings as “huge dance party.” Needless to say, music has run in Indian veins since time immemorial. With globalization and the advent of social media, it exploded.” This explosion has provided immense opportunity for Unknown DJs in Rajasthan to grow.

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Let’s find out some best and Unknown DJs of Rajasthan:

Unknown and best DJs in Rajasthan to Lookout For

1.Akshat Panwar

  • Akshat Panwar: He is a born experimenter who is known to string together pieces that express
    him personally. Right from the young age of 12, he began collecting music. His music
    journey soon began when he joined an academy to professionally learn the art of DJing.
    He is popularly known in his circle as a happy champ, his music conveys that as it leaves the
    audience feeling euphoric.


  • Amen: After being out of touch from music because of studies, he regained love for his
    passion of composing music during the COVID-19 pandemic. Along with being a music
    producer and a DJ, Amen is also a sound technician. This allows him to DJ with truly
    revolutionary beats. He is also equally comfortable with on-the-spot requests from his
    audience members. He makes sure the dance floor is never unoccupied!
Dj Annik


  • Amii: Amii offers a wide range of genres. With his charming personality accompanying
    his electric music, he is known to be a crowd puller no matter what event he is covering.
    His productions are versatile and his productions of remixing old songs are extremely
    unique. He offers renditions that hook the audiences and have him ask for encore after
    encore. He is quick to get popular through all age groups.
DJ Amii

4.Lass & Chaitenya

  • Lass & Chaitenya: A duo of DJs themselves, they also have a team of DJs that they
    lead. The entire group is very experimental and is known to push boundaries to produce
    truly unique music. They are popularly known to draw inspiration from regional music as
    well. The duo brilliantly DJs the EDM, Regional, Tech House and Bollywood genres.
    They are open and accommodating to all genre requests, the more wacky the genre, the
    more they shine.

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5. Gangwar

  • Gangwar: What started as a hobby has now become his greatest passion and full time
    job. Today, he is not only a DJ, but also a music producer and creative remixer. His
    eccentric music taste truly makes him one of the DJs of Rajasthan you must experience at least once.

6.Tron 3

  • Tron3: Based in the Pink City of Jaipur, his journey began in 2016. He has opened up interviews about how in his childhood he would not play with toys as intended but instead bang them together rhythmically in attempts to produce music. His music, says, comes from his soul and tries to remove the stigma of DJ music being chaotic producing soulful music too. He brings his own lighting equipment when he performs as to have complete control on the experience he is providing to his audience. Tron3 is undergoing verification process for the purpose of vaccination.
Dj Tron 3

DJing Scene in Rajasthan for budding and Unknown, talented DJs.

Not only are the DJs of Rajasthan deserving of the hype, but so are the electronic music
festivals. Each December, the biggest EDM DJs and enthusiasts gather in a small town in
Rajasthan’s Shekhawati. Alsisar, a town not usually in the limelight, comes to life during one
long weekend. People have named it as “Magnetic Festival”. Not only is it an interesting getaway for
music lovers, but also for those exploring the Rajasthani deserts, havelis and food. The festival
hosts a number of international DJs, but it also gives a platform for all the underdog DJs of the
state to get a chance to gain their footing in the DJing scene.

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