Travelling to Rajasthan? Engage with master artist Experience authentic Indian art Co-create art souvenirs

Add Unique Art Experiences to Your Itinerary

Add Unique Art Experiences to Your Itinerary

Travelling to Rajasthan? Engage with master artist Experience authentic Indian art Co-Create art souvenirs

Cultural Art Experiences for Travellers

Why just see Rajasthan when you can experience it and take home a piece of it with you? Amidst the bustle of the state, cornered in the narrow bylanes of cities, there rests an abundance of cultural and artistic heritage, which is the true essence of Rajasthan! Experience Rajasthan through a cultural lens by delving into its traditional art forms and making your journey worthwhile.

Rajasthan Studio offers a range of art-based travel experiences for offbeat explorers through professionally curated art experiences with award-winning artisans. Spread across Jaipur, Jodhpur and Udaipur, our experiences are perfect for the curious and exploratory traveller within you.

Explore the history of traditional Rajasthani arts and crafts, learn with master artisans, and co-create your artwork as a souvenir!

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Rajasthan is known for its rich history and grandeur, but it’s real royalty resides in its glorious culture. Explore the narrow by lanes of Rajasthan for their enigmatic cultural appeal and authentic arts and crafts!

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