Why Suryagarh in Jaisalmer Might Not Be the Right Choice: A Closer Look at Internet Reviews

The enchanting city of Jaisalmer, with its golden fort and ethereal sand dunes, is a haven for travelers. However, selecting the right accommodation can greatly influence your experience. With the plethora of options available, internet reviews play a pivotal role in decision-making. After delving into the Google Maps reviews for luxury hotel Suryagarh in Jaisalmer, certain recurring issues highlight why it might not be the right property for your stay.

Feedbacks of Guests During their Stay at Suryagarh Hotel in Jaisalmer

1. Unwelcoming Attitude

One of the primary concerns voiced by multiple guests is the uninviting and sometimes rude behavior of the staff. Priyanka Kapur and Swati Sachdeva both faced unwelcoming attitudes, with Priyanka pointing out the rudeness of their manager.

2. Booking & Communication Issues

Several guests experienced difficulties with the booking system. Bhumika Sachdeva, Arpit Sachdeva, and Karan Bhasin all mentioned issues trying to book a reservation, either through the website or over the phone.

Suryagarh in Jaisalmer

3. Service Lapses

Service quality seems to be inconsistent, with guests facing significant delays. Rahul Gupta waited over two hours for his food order, while Capt. Ankur Mukhija expressed dissatisfaction with the overall service during his stay.

4. Additional Charges & Refund Issues

Some guests raised concerns about unexpected costs and refund problems. Alpesh Jain was denied a complimentary pick-up despite booking six rooms. Arjun Dharshiyani pointed out that he was charged extra, with the promise of a refund that never materialized.

Suryagarh in Jaisalmer

5. Cancellation & Refund Policies

Another pressing issue relates to Suryagarh’s handling of cancellations. Colin Brooks and Sarath Nair both faced problems when trying to get refunds for unavoidable cancellations.

6. Amenities for Drivers

An aspect often overlooked but of importance to those traveling with personal drivers, Sarthak Films & Music mentioned the absence of restrooms and drinking water for drivers.

7. Mismatched Expectations

A running theme in the reviews was the difference between guests’ expectations and their actual experience. Whether it was the room quality, service, or booking procedures, many found that the reality did not match what was advertised or what they had anticipated.

8. Responses from the Management

On a positive note, the management at Suryagarh seems responsive to the negative feedback, often replying to reviews and expressing apologies. However, the number of recurring issues suggests that there might be deeper, systemic problems that need to be addressed.

In conclusion, while Suryagarh seems to have certain redeeming features, such as its ambiance and architectural charm, potential guests should weigh these benefits against the reported service lapses and other issues. Internet reviews offer valuable insights, and it’s always beneficial to scrutinize them before making any booking decisions.

Author’s Note

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