Underground Tunnels of Rajasthan: A Best Kept Secret

tunnels of Rajasthan

Underground tunnels of India have given birth to curiosities regarding historical data and proofs. Some could not survive in all these years, due to maintenance but some still are much in demand. These grand tunnels and stories can barely stay away from knowing the past of the relevant kingdom.

Residents of Rajasthan have an unparalleled love for the underground tunnels. Recently, they have become a major tourist attraction due to their history. The architecture, secretive purpose, and unusual length of these underground tunnels of Rajasthan is worth admiring.

A Secret Getaway

Underground tunnels of Rajasthan are the most sustained basement chambers of the past. They portray varied stories of the royal family heritage, good architecture, and many war strategies. If properly maintained, the fort tunnels may provide a lot of revenue in terms of tourist attraction and awareness. The basic purpose of a tunnel was for the security and safe-keeping of the royal families. In case of an attack, the family members, noblemen, and other important personalities sneaked into another fort.

secret tunnels of Rajasthan
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Amer Fort to Jaigarh Fort – Most Renowned Underground Tunnel of Rajasthan

Due to a lack of infrastructure, the authorities have closed several underground tunnels in Rajasthan. But there is one notable exception in the state. The tunnel connecting Amer Fort to Jaigarh Fort in Jaipur still remains operational and is now a renowned tourist hotspot. Overlooking the highway, the Amer Fort and Palace is a leisurely multilayered splendour. Despite the distance, Jaigarh Fort appears imposing and dominant from atop a hill. It’s hard to believe that there is a large network of underground tunnels underneath that connect both the city forts.

tunnel passages in Rajasthan
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As per records, only the Amer Palace – Jaigarh Fort tunnel has interconnected ancient Jaipur monuments and which strongly stands as a face of distinctive tradition that offers visitors and history enthusiasts a unique journey. On the inside, it is a 14 feet deep trench that is roughly 10 feet in diameter and around 800 meters in length. The government opened it for tourists in the year 2011.

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Rumours From The Sajjangarh Fort

Only a few people from the fort were aware of such secret passages. Subsequently, there are some misconceptions about them. Thus, limited means of information are present due to the doubtful scenario of its authenticity. One such misconception is that a lot of people think that Udaipur has a passage that connects the Sajjangarh Fort to the Jagmandir Island on Pichola Lake. This has been proved incorrect in a lot of ways. 

In the Sajjangarh Fort, the underground passageways are just about a short distance and ultimately end just outside the fort. And of course, due to various terrains, elevations and overlapping water bodies coming in the way, a tunnel from Sajjangarh fort to Jagmandir Island is really not practical.

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Now, as we have progressed in the modern age and possess the tools to research and conserve such elements, we have rightfully gained a lot more of our exceptional Indian culture since the historic era. We also have progressed in terms of proving the originality, understanding in-depth techniques, and conserving the underground tunnels of Rajasthan.

The underground tunnels of Rajasthan other undiscovered places span from busy cities to majestic areas within palaces and kingdoms, making it one of the most fascinating states. Those monuments are a testament to the richness of a different era, and they are the specific sites that have a vivid image and feature that is almost unrepeatable.

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