Team Activity – Virtual Scavenger Hunt Hosted By Tanya Kewalramani and Khusboo Punjabi

Team Activity - Virtual Scavenger Hunt Hosted By Tanya Kewalramani and Khusboo Punjabi

Virtual Scavenger Hunt may seem like Treasure Hunt but virtually. On 29th October 2020, we decided to break free from the monotony and host a team activity.

The hosts were very well ready to give us tasks and make us go on a hunt- virtually! In the Virtual Scavenger Hunt, the attendees had to be ready to look for answers. Around 15-20 participants joined us.

First was the ice-breaking session. We asked all the participants the name of their biopic which should be the title of a song. As a warmup session, they asked 10 general quiz questions based on Indian culture & heritage. This gave us a brief on what was going to happen in the upcoming round.

There were 4 teams as created by the hosts. Each team included three to four participants. One by one questions were sent on the chat section. We had to look for answers on three sites namely UNESCO, Incredible India, and Rajasthan Studio.

The team members formed a Whatsapp group quickly to share the links of answers. It was funny to see the confused faces! After the discussion with the team, they had to share their answers with the hosts.

None the less, it was a fun-filled session with laughs, giggles, and lots of knowledge to take home! We thank our Rajasthan Family for joining the Virtual Scavenger Hunt.

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