Mount Abu Wildlife Sanctuary

Mount Abu Sanctuary is one of India’s oldest mountain tiers, Aravallis which is Situated on a plateau,  Sprawling in a place with 288 sq km. Mount Abu Sanctuary additionally gives the best height in Rajasthan, Guru Shikhar (1722 m). The famous sanctuary in Rajasthan is broadly recognized for its biodiversity of flora and fauna. Mount Abu Sanctuary became mounted withinside the year 1980.

Around 820 floral species may be determined at Mount Abu Sanctuary. Therefore, it is the handiest location in Rajasthan in which it is easy to sight plenty of orchids. The sanctuary boasts three species of untamed roses and sixteen species of feras a number that are uncommon. Although, the south-west part of the sanctuary is understood for its wealthy bamboo forests.

Wildlife Sanctuary of Mount Abu

Apart from the flora, Wildlife Sanctuary of Mount Abu also plays a major role in domesticating plenty of animals which includes Indian Leopard, sloth bear, Sambar deer, wild boar and chinkara and so on. The sanctuary additionally homes round 250 species of birds that consist of gray jungle hen and the uncommon inexperienced avadavat.

The Mount Abu Wildlife Sanctuary is full of floral beauty and inspirations of fauna. There is an evergreen woodland which meets the water and the valleys on the alternative side are way more beautiful than anything else. Many of those species are dicots and the rest are monocots. You also can discover many orchids on the Mount Abu Wildlife Sanctuary. Don’t overlook the various roses and bamboo wealthy regions.


The Mount Abu Wildlife Sanctuary is lengthy and thin- it’s miles approximately 5-8km lengthy and among 300-1722m huge.

It is crafted from igneous rocks that have shaped big cavities in lots of regions because of the weathering outcomes of wind and water. Moreover, this is not an unusual place at some point of the complete Mount Abu region.


The foothills of the mountain tiers incorporate xeromorphic subtropical thorn forests even as the rivers and tributaries are boarded by means of subtropical evergreen forests, which additionally seem at better levels.

Nevertheless, these forests include hundred and twelve plant households with four forty nine genera and eight twenty species. Of those, 663 species are dicots whilst 157 species are monocots. Many of those species are very uncommon and threatened.


The Mount Abu Wildlife Sanctuary consists of a huge and sundry variety of fauna, a good way to appreciate. However, many of the animals withinside the sanctuary are extraordinarily uncommon and threatened.

Flora and Fauna at Mount Abu Wildlife Sanctuary

The decreased woodland contains dry thorny timber which can be indigenous to Rajasthan. There are diverse portions of dicots and monocots developing withinside the environment of the park. Although, this is one of the few locations in Rajasthan in which you may discover orchids in a large amount. 

It stated that Asiatic Lions used to mission on this woodland however with time, they vanished this is the cause for which stated to be relentless looking via way of means of the kings and British officials. As of now, the animals living withinside the sanctuary are confined to be an Indian Leopard, mongoose, Indian hare, pangolin, sambar, porcupine, sloth bear, wild boar, not unusual place langur and hedgehog and so on. Take a manual or a flora and fauna professional who can give an explanation for approximately those animals in detail.

Apart from Wildlife Sanctuary, there are numerous beautiful locations to discover in the course of the ride to Mount Abu. Hence, here are some of them –

Dilwara Jain Temples

Dilwara Jain Temples are the most stunning instance of structure in Jainism. These temples have been assembled between the eleventh and thirteenth century AD. Moreover, the complex is filled with stunning carvings and complex designs. 

Nakki Lake

This is one location that you could go to together with your own circle of relatives and buddies and spend an amusing crammed evening. 

Boating right here is one of the famous activities in Mount Abu. Nakki Lake additionally is referred to as Love Lake due to the couples who come right here to spend a few memorable moments. 

Nakki lake

Achalgarh Fort

Achalgarh or Achalgarh Fort is a famous traveler spot really well worth journeying in the course of Mount Abu ride. Rana Kumbha withinside the center of Thar Desert constructed this fort. Although, it is eight kilometers from Mount Abu and exceptional to be to withinside the morning.

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Visitor Information

Mount Abu Wildlife Sanctuary Timings : 9:00 AM – 5:30 PM

Mount Abu Wildlife Sanctuary Jeep Safari : Starting From Rs 300

How to Reach Mount Abu Wildlife Sanctuary

Mount Abu Wildlife Sanctuary is located in Mount Abu that’s the handiest hill station in Rajasthan. Mount Abu may be effortlessly reached through any part of Rajasthan.

By Rail : Abu Road is the nearest railway station that’s 25 KM far from Mount Abu.

By Road : Mount Abu is a well-known vacation spot in Rajasthan which may be very nicely related to the relaxation of the state. Therefore, there are a wide range of buses and taxi centers from Sirohi to Mount Abu.

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