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Enter the Multi-style Painting World with Lal Singh Bhati

Art | Multi-style Painting, Masterclass, Meditative, Multi-Gen Art, Time-Friendly ₹7,080.00 Jodhpur
  • Duration: 2 Hours
  • Language: Hindi / Rajasthani

Although specializing in Multi-style Paintings, Artist is a treasure trove of skills and craft associated with the region

What you’ll do

  • Book personalized Live Experience with Lal Singh Bhati.
  • Curation of the session based on the questions asked to the customer.
  • See yourself through the eyes of an artist or simply observe the genius at work.
  • Understand the intricate details and techniques of Multi-style Paintings.
  • Live demonstration of what goes into this elaborate process.
  • Understand the broad aspects as well as the nitty-gritty of this art called Multi-style Paintings.
  • Learn about different techniques, materials, colours and brushes used for the same.
  • The artist also briefs you about where you can procure the material and brushes for the art form.
  • Maximum 4 people can book an experience. In case if you are more in number than you can drop an email to us on
  • Rajasthan Studio Team Member would be there to help you.

About the Artist

Lal Singh Bhati is an award-winning, multi-faceted and multi-talented artist who originally belongs to Jodhpur. He has created over 20,000 paintings, many of which are in the Jodhpur School of Rajasthani Miniature Painting, which usually depicts aristocracy and figures from Hindu mythology.

He also sculpts in clay, etches in glass, restores antiques, reinterprets traditional handicrafts and has also won numerous government and international awards for his gold-embossed work on leather and wood. As if that wasn’t enough, he also makes sketches for police for criminal identification, plus also runs a gallery and an art school – he’s taught thousands of students in the last three decades.

Artist’s Inspiration

The artist firmly believes that losing yourself in art is the best way to know and find yourself. Continuously dipping himself in art and creating it inspires him the most. 

Artist’s Awards

National Award- 1987
State Award- 1988
First Kalamani Award- 1990 & 1992
District Award- 1990
Marwar Ratna- 2004
Maharaja Gaj Singh II Award- 2004
Maharana Sajjan Singh Award- 2004
Vikas Ratna Award- 1998

Artist’s Studio

Inspiration and concentration are never too far away in the studio which is filled with tools, references, raw materials as well as finished pieces. Just get in, listen, observe and get lost in the meditation that is art.

About Multi-style Painting

Jodhpur was the principal seat of the Marwar Rathores, who were significant patrons of art and we find significant artwork from their ateliers in the course of the 600-odd years that they ruled the Marwar region. The Jodhpur court was one of the most prolific in the creation of miniatures. In earlier periods, Jodhpur miniatures were far more indigenous but some of the rulers spent considerable time in Kabul bringing a Persian touch to Marwar’s art. Besides the court scenes and Maharaja’s portraits, even festivals, legends and tales, religious texts and epics were illustrated in the Marwar court and many such albums and folios are displayed in museums across the world.

Group Size

4 People


Painting material, colours, brushes, tea and refreshments


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