Gift An Experience

EaaG - Experience As A Gift

The best gifts in life are not merely meant to be possessed, but to be LIVED and EXPERIENCED!

The next time you are left wondering what to gift your loved ones, look no further! Ditch the traditional and try something new with Rajasthan Studio! Gift an art experience to your friends and family and we will make sure it’s worth the love. 

Art Experiences Gift Card

₹1,000.00 – ₹2,000.00

Gift Art Experiences! Choose from a wide range of personalized or virtual art experiences to make your loved ones’ day special. Our team will get in touch with you to conduct the chosen experience on your desired date and time. In case you don’t find a suitable time, we will refund your money.

Steps to Redeem an Art Experiences Gift Card

  1. Choose the art experience you wish to gift from the available options for the month. If you do not find what you are looking for, you can check our entire listings under the ‘Art Experiences’ section.
  2. You can either choose to gift one person or a group of up to four.
  3. Click on the ‘Buy Now’ button, make the payment & checkout.
  4. You will receive a confirmation email from Rajasthan Studio immediately. One of our team members will then get in touch with you within a few working hours to curate and send the desired Art Experience to your loved ones.

            Happy Gifting!



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