Curating Unique And Memorable Experiences In Jaipur

A young and energetic startup, Rajasthan Studio is building the ‘experiences‘ ecosystem in India. They are curating unique and memorable
experiences for the Indian audience in varied fields such as music, art,
comedy, poetry, entrepreneur customer experiences, among others.

Funded by the Mumbai based Kamaai Capital, Rajasthan Studio’s endeavor is to create a community for passionate individuals. This will lead to discovering anything that they want to experience across genres and geographies.

At the core, we believe that the happiest beings are the ones who are
decorating their lives with memorable experiences and inspiring stories to tell, not just material things to show. Our company stems from this belief, where we are creating our country’s unique ‘experiences’ economy and defining how it can be enjoyed, shared, and multiplied. As we kickstart our first chapter in the land of Rajas, we are seeking eminent ambassadors of art and culture in Rajasthan, to partner with us in this journey.

These were the words by Kartik Gaggar who is the brainchild behind Rajasthan Studio. A Chartered Accountant by education, Kartik was brought up in a business environment. He has now ventured out to create a new-age commune and unique experiences with Rajasthan Studio.

Rajasthan Studio aims to continuously provide memorable, passion-driven experiences to everyday Indians around their geography. The current cultural, economic, and social landscape of the locale will be evaluated
regularly to map various pillars of experienc offerings.

For further information, connect with us on:

Media Coordination (Spark PR)
1. Jagdeep Singh
Sr. Advisor
M: 098290 65787

2. Tusharika Singh
Sr. Manager
M: 099297 52258