10 Art Podcasts By Artists To Start Listening To – And Why!

Podcasting is the newest form of media that is taking the world by storm. And India is not a stranger to the idea art podcasts by artists or simply of a one-sided conversation that provides love and laughter! After all, we grew up listening to Radio Mirchi and All India Radio alike!

The advent of Podcasting began in 2005 when Apple updated iTunes to support podcasts, and Abhishek Kumar and Aditya Mhatre started Indicast. Today, this rage has not only grown to the grassroots of the country with the rise of podcast companies like Suno India produces podcasts in different languages and content that is relevant to all age groups on “issues that matter”.

Podcasts also provide us with a learning opportunity that can help us improve our art. Here are Rajasthan Studio’s top 10 art podcasts by artists that will help you learn more about how the pioneers of art make their masterpieces! 

Rajasthan Studio’s top art podcasts by artists in India 2021:

1. Maed In India:

10 Art Podcasts By Artists To Start Listening To - And Why!

We all love discovering new music and with Indie music booming in India, Maed In India is doing god’s work! The show is one of the binge-worthy art podcasts that is exceptionally well-researched with friendly and enthusiastic interviewers. The guests are as diverse as the genres of music themselves and feature some of the most innovative indie musicians in India.

2. Kissa Khwabon Ka:

Kissa Khwabon Ka

Hosted by acclaimed film critic, Anupama Chopra, this is one of the essential podcasts for artists especially for actors as this gives a peek into the struggles that actors like Pankaj Tripathi, Manoj Bajpayee have faced. It gives a look into their journey and what helped them become the artist that they are today. This is one of the podcasts to inspire and is a part of Amazon India’s original podcast series on the Audible Suno platform. 

3. AudioGyan:

AudioGyan - 10 Art Podcasts By Artists To Start Listening To - And Why!

If you are into rivetting conversations with artists dissecting their own work, Audiogyan is one of the best art podcasts for you. Instead of interviewing the artist, they turn in into a masterclass on their own art, breaking it down to the basics. Their guests include artists from all varied industries from textile to cinema. 

4. Mera Music Mera Mantra:

Another top culture podcast on our list is the Audible Suno ‘Mera Music Mera Mantra’. This podcast hosted by Jankee Parekh Mehta featured all kind of musicians from Armaan Malik to Nucleya and Jonita Gandhi. This podcast takes a deep dive into a musician’s life and their personal mantras for success. 

5. The Musafir Stories:

The Musafir Stories

Missed travelling due to COVID in 2020? This podcast has got you covered! One of the best podcasts in the age of coronavirus, Musafir stories brings to you a virtual tour of beautiful places that you can take at the comfort of your own home!

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6. What’s in Your Story Bag?

What's in Your Story Bag
Whats in Your Story Bag

Hosted on the popular podcast platform Hubhopper, this innovative podcast is designed to train you in the art of storytelling. Rituparna Ghosh helps her guests to sort their memories of life and tell their stories out of their bags. This is one of the art podcast by artists that is truly unique, original and one of a kind.

7. Gully Se Gully Tak:

Gully Se Gully Tak

Another Audible Suno original, this 20- episode series takes a closer look at the rap and hip-hop scene in India. This is one of the best art podcasts as it values authenticity, culture and diversity, it talks about what the future of the Indian hip-hop scene looks like. 

8. Indian Artprenuer:

Indian Artprenuer - 10 Art Podcasts By Artists To Start Listening To - And Why!

This indie podcast, started by Kaltapasya, is an intriguing one. It helps lend a voice to various performing artists in India. It is one of the art podcasts by artists that features the leading performing artists of India and engage in a debate about all aspects of the art, from  Bharatnatyam to Kuchipudi, this podcast has covered it all!

9. Be Stupid with Vir Das:

Be Stupid with Vir Das - 10 Art Podcasts By Artists To Start Listening To - And Why!

Be Stupid with Vir Das is a 15-episode series by Audible Suno, created and hosted by comedian Vir Das. Have you ever wondered what it would be like if dumb decisions could change your friendship, your job, and even your life for the better? Reminiscent of his “stupidest mistakes,” Vir talks to people who have funny, heart-warming and informative tales of instant remorse yet eventual redemption.

10. MASH:


MASH Podcast features authors, designers, architects, photographers and artists from all over the world. The podcast will feature leading figures talking about different types of art, be it a podcast or a podcast about Indian art history, MASH offers in-depth content every week!

Podcasts are the perfect way to spice up a boring task. Have to fold up the laundry? Why not listen to a podcast that will help keep you focused and entertained at the same time! An added benefit here is that art podcasts for artists boost your knowledge and encourage you to better your existing art processes! 

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